Wednesday, February 6, 2008

new year is starting soon :D have to go bai nian in in around 16 more hours. haha, i want go my aunt's house see your dogdog (: and my cousin's house to see her new baby (:

hope the new year will lead to better days in 3loyalty. i miss giok ): lessons are damn boring now without her to talk to. seriously, i think i am going to pon lessons more cause it is going to be so boring. i got practically nobody to really talk to in class? no good friends like giok or spastic boey :/ oh well :X maybe i should just keep quiet for the whole 2 years?

i am getting worse and worse! like more and more vain? haha, but i like :D

there is no one online for me to talk to. damn boring lah. this mood is not good to usher in the new year :0 shall find a way to cheer myself up :D haha, i know one sure succeed way to cheer myself up. watch wu zhong zian's show! hahaha. really lorh! no matter how angry or sad i am, everytime i watch his show i sure laugh. laugh until got stomach cramps somemore la. something like this.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAHA. yeah!

what shall i blog about? i shall make this the longest post of my blog :D i think i am wierd :/ i am actually scared of meeting juniors? haha! not really scared.. just um.. feel kind of wierd to meet them? juniors meaning my sister's friends in st. nicks! especially windy! haha, dont know why but she keep smirking at me or something. especially today at causeway! haha, she and yinghui ah.. go and bully me! and i am senior somemore :(

it is still a short post! ahh! my life is erally terrible. i think i made a big mistake choosing elit. i dont understand upper sec elit at all although lower sec elit was a breeze for me. its like i think the teachers are talking rubbish that dont make any sense? oh man,elit test is coming soon. i dont want to fail! i cant fail! i have also got As for elit for the pass two years. my lowest is B3 so i also say this is my best subject. but now? i dont know :/

hahaha! i was reading giok's archives then i saw a really hilarious thing. giok said that she was saving up for a harry potter book and a eye curler.
HAHAHA! eye curler okay!! how do you ever curl her eye? LOL.

felicia chin is pretty :D

i am feeling quite depressed these few days.. maybe i havent been seeing boey or giok very often now? ): noone to make me laugh and happy. actually i am the one that make boey laugh lorh, but dont know why i see her laugh until look so retarded i also feel like laughing. haha. seriously, she look retarded and like a person that escaped from the home for the spastic. kuakua.

my father is mad. he wants to go chinatown NOW. at 11pm. hahaha

this post is random. haha.. half sad half happy. spilt personality? haha

10:10 PM;

N {ME :D}

june ng!

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i want!

MONey $_$.






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