Thursday, January 10, 2008

wah. i havent blogged for quite some time cause my computer died on me. so i am now using my father's laggy comp. at least it is better than my computer that always shut down for no reason. i guess it is because my father dont download any stuf.

i have been quite busy these few days lah. monday was phototaking for the secondonary 4 certificate thing. WALAO. the phototaker damn unprofessional can. the first time i took i smiled abit. then he go and mumble something under his breath so i was like huh? and he took!! AH!! he took me saying huh lah. how stupider can it get lorh. but the phototaking was also quite embarrassing since it is like everyone in the same room watching you take? AHH.

tuesday i had to go orchard to service my phone with lynette cause i cant recieve any msgs. it is so ridiculous lah. the service is so lousy. just to leave down your phone and particulars need so long meh? and half of the counters there are like empty. why dont they hire more people since they have so many counters. i was really hungry by then and if not for the mr bean chow i would be exploded. but i shouldnt complain actually. lynette was worse off then me since she dont need to be there actually. haha
wednesday i went back to orchard to get my phone by myself. i was super lucky this time! only had to wait for like 10 minutes and i saw a super pretty phone there! it is a PINK w850i! so nice!!!! ahhh!!! i spotted it from quite far away and ran there. haha. ohh, and wednesday was LESHIA TAN's and DANICA's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (:

and then today! i rushed home right after cause i actually wanted to take a nap. but in the end i ended up in front of the computer. sad.. my eyebags are getting quite obvious. AND I GOT A PIECE OF GOOD NEWS! :D you know the HSK thing we took last year, i actually scored very well for it. 380/400 so GRADE A. oh gosh, i cant believe it lah. june is so clever (: and i actually scored full marks for one section! haha. but now people think i am like those smart smart kind :/

hmm.. our teachers seem to be better than thoselousy teachers i had in sec1 and 2. maybe they reserve the better teachers for sec3 and 4 so we can do better for olevels. i think these two years i should be able to concentrate better in class since i dont really have anyone to talk to. i will be bored but maybe this will help in my studies better? why is everyone saying their classes are very quiet? i think mine is super noisy. wierdness :/ the lessons are so far so good (: i can catch up with what the teacher is teaching and there is not much homework yet.

whee¬ long blog post today (: i actually have more things to blog about but i dont want to post them here. maybe i will set up a locked blog and blog them there. haha, in that way i can also bitch about people without anyone feeling hurt! it is really quite difficult to keep things inside and not bitch. so instead of bitching to other people, i might as well bitch to myself! hahas! quite a good idea (:

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