Thursday, January 17, 2008

i have practically no life. my life is so boring. like wake up, go to school, struggle through boring lessons, go home, do homework and watch tv, sleep and wake up again the next morning. like so mundane! or is it just my mood? i am feeling very verysian these few days so i cheered myself up by flipping through magazines looking at pretty stuff (:

haha, since puah jingwen said i am vain, i shall make this post the vainest post ever. hahaha. i have been borrowing seventeen magazines to read through these 2 days. gosh, the wedges featured inside are really nice! i wantttt! but it is like 1 pair more than 200bucks? ahhh. haha, i made a list of things i need to buy after flipping through so many magazines

1)pure natural nivea caregloss and shine. lip gloss! i shall buy it soon! so nice :D

2)depilatory. haha, last time i always itchy hand go cut my leg hair. haha, when i watch tv last time i will use scissors go cut. and now i am into shorts leh, looks super ugly lah.

3)new eyelash curler. my old one is rusting! yucks!

4)blibk n clean lens drops. for my eyes cause i wear contacts for around 15hours a day!

5) Za concealer. my eyebags are coming out! but this is not very important on my list. shall get it when i am rich

i feel so tempted to get fake nails for new year! i found some really cheap ones but i scared it will look wierd on me leh. i actually wanted to paint my nails but my nails take so long to grow! and i needed to cut when i go for guides.

i think my new class is seriously very crazy. hahaha. really lorh. they are like trying to piggy back each other during the free period. and gwyneth actually sat on brenda lee's shoulders! oh my god lah!

give me wedges!give me pretty tops! give my pretty shorts! give me white bags! i am in need to money! i want to buy alot of things can. more businness come my blogshop! www.shoptillyou-droppp.blogspot.com

i heard that putting teabags over your eyes when you sleep can make your lashes darker and your eyes sparkle. really??

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june ng!

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i want!

MONey $_$.






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