Saturday, January 5, 2008

campfire last night was quite fun actually though i was super tired. my bones are like aching when i woke up this monday. kind of like muscle ache after you exercise alot. i got no idea why since i just stood there to sing. haha..

changed into guides uniform and and met at the new specs stand at 3.30. but there was nothing for us to do until 4++. then we had briefing and went for dinner until 6. rushed to the field to spread the sheets for the sec1s to sit. then the sec1s started coming down at around 6.50 so i went to usher them with other reserves. being a reserve sucks lah. i think being actually in charge of a class is more fun.
in the end i stood with beverly, jamie and siaoyi at 1 wisdom since they are sitting at the end. and there is this wierd charm thing stuck on the ground. it is like garlic and chilli on a satay stick. haha! it is to keep the rain away one leh! so wierd :/ but it worked (: anyway, there was alot alot of fuss when the sec1s are sitting. cause it is just after rain and there are alot of the bugs and crickets on the sheets. then i was super brave! i used my glove to sweep them away! WOW (: actually i was scared of touching it but since i am wearing gloves then never mind (:
but the china scholars sat there too with the 1 wisdom girls and they are like super not enthu. maybe because they are sec3 already and find this rather stupid? they even keep playing with their handphone and stuff. tsk tsk. some of them even lay down like sun bathing like that lah. i feel so tempted to shout at them that there are crickets behind. haha! then the campfire started :D haha. the fire went abit out of control cause the grass started burning too. haha. then the regular campfire songs. i cant shout one can. it is like my shout came out very hoarse and kind of like a wolf howling :/ but i acted enthu lah. like trying to sing louder and clapping away. but it is kind of useless to clap though since we are wearing gloves then there is no sound. but i enjoy shouting at the sec1s to stand up :D FUN!! then we had to share a bottle of water lah. super werd can since i am sharing with my gamemaster which i dont really kndnow. sec 2 leh!

then the campfire ended at around 9. after the sec 1s left, we cleared up the sheets and went home at 10 (: i reached home at 10.30 and hurry go bathe. my legs are like caked with dry mud and dont know what. then fell into a deep deep sleep :D

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june ng!

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