Wednesday, December 12, 2007

hello! i went out today with mum and sister to orchard. my mum want to spend finish her isetan vounchers so we went to help her :D but i cant really find anything i find there lorh.. so i just bought a pair of brown shorts. my sister very shuang lah! she bought a new casio watch leh! $140 (: but she and my mum wants to keep it from my dad cause her will scold. haha. oh, and i saw a super nice colour of nail polish in isetan! it is like so pretty can! wonderfully beautiful! haha! i shall go get it some time soon :D but sure very expensive one lah. it is like damn class can.

then trained to tampiness mall. walao. i was straving on the mrt can. like my stomach was really very painful lah. SEOUL GARDEN FOR DINNER :D super yummy (: i ate so much chicken lorh! curry, teriyaki ... so many different flavours (: my mum took like so many plates to cook? after eating the chicken i have no more space in my stomach for the sushi and dim sum lorh ): and i wanted to try all the different flavour icecream! got 6 leh! but my mother lah! make me so full. and i was sitting at the suayest position can. all the smoke is like blowing right at me. my mum put a bowl of mushroom soup in front of me and after a few minutes, you can see black dots splattered over the soup. haha! it ia the burnt bits lah. and i stink after i left that place can. even my bag ): lucky no dogs chased me and my sister leh! we smell like their dinner lorh (: my mum was the only lucky one that sast at the no-smoke-blow position.

then my sister went to the wallet shop to buy her lesportif school bag. haha! lucky lucky girl! i also bought my pencilcase there (: i like the design but i dont like the colour. i wanted white but my mother dont let me get it. hahas. she was scared it ended up like my billabong pencilcase. so in the end i had to get the brown one ):


my cousin from china came to my house to stay! he has been in singapore for 2 year already to study, previously staying in a rented room with another guy. but apparently he got into a fight with that guy who made his right arm bones crack or something. so my mum is really angry and he came here to stay. and my mum is like threatening to sue him. haha! bone crack only leh! like please lorh! we got alot of money let her anyhow go sue people meh. retarded. but he come and stay is super inconvienient leh ): though he stay in his room most of the time, he is really very quiet and introvent that kind. haha! he only come out to eat and shit. only 1 word to describe: CREEPY


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