Friday, November 9, 2007

YAY (: I AM BACK FROM HK :D SINGAPORE IS STILL THE BEST. alot of photos but i probaly wont be blogging them. around 100 okay! but i think my sister will soon so you all can go there to see. but i look :X out of the 6 days in hk, 3 days are bad hair days.

1st day: checked into a super expensive but super small hotel then shopped for the whole day. our room is like pathetic can. one double bed and a small sidetable. after putting the luggage, 3 people cant stand on the floor together already.i suspect that it isas small as my toilet. hahas. but it is quite nicely furnished larh.
2nd day: OCEAN PARK! saw pandas and all those sea creatures and rode on the rides :D i dont dare to sit on the roller coaster luh. 360 degrees okay. and it is like above the sea that kind? so scary! but i am already scared to death by the pirate ship. it goes up to 20m can.
3rd day: walked around till noon then sat train to shenzhen. so fascinating can. i didnt know you can train from hk to china. and it takes less than 1hr! WOW! then walked around again.
4th day: my crazy mother made us go and climb mountain :/ RAWR. so tiring can. and the mountain must pay money to climb one larh. stupid shit :(
5th day: er... i dont really remember. went to window of thw world where there is alot of famous buildings :/ i saw the merlion there! hahas. it is the only thing from singapore.
6th day: trained back to hk, shopped then it is back to singapore :D

actually there is not much things to buy :/ coz it is winter now in hk and all the clothes are long sleeves :X i told my mother i want to go in june :D coz the clothes are actually quite nice and damn cheap. only bought like 2 shirts, 3 shorts, 1 pair of jean, 1 demin skirt and 1 pair of shoes. ohh, and 5 pair of socks! i love the socks man. it is like 3 for $2?? i bought all different colours :D hahas. pink, black, orange, blue and green. wheeeeee(:

i am going shopping again with my sister :D she wants to go bugis to buy her le coq sportif bag.

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