Monday, September 10, 2007

went back to school after a week holiday :D the classroom is damn noisy okay. everyone is like talking at the top of their voices luh. hahas. we got so much to talk each other after one week. i cant imagine the scene after dec holidays. i think everyone will be shouting to each other. hahas. but i was very excited :/ my mouth got some exercise after one week! :D and i laughed alot too (:

home econs was quite fun in the library. some people are like sleeping on the sofa. hahas. i think 8days is very mean. hahas. you should read some of the reviews. they are so damn crude can. i was laughing out loudly luh. i think if i am the person they are writing about i will just go and box them. hahas.

chinese lit is boring boring boring ): 1 1/2 hours of sitting there listening to some stupid hong lou meng theing. i am not interested okay? i dont know why we should know all that luhh.

went to buy tomyam cup noodles again after school. omg, i love tomyam (: LOVE!! anway, gloria and friends cruelly leave me at the busstop alone to eat while they got on the bus. hahas.

when i reach causeway point, i wwent to basement to buy sweettalk (: then i shunbian go to valu$ for a while coz i rmr my father saying there got sell party poppers. but dont have lorh. and when i went out of valu$ there is a long queue at sweettalk already. RAHH. actually there is no queue one luh. green apple red tea with strawberry jelly very very nice (: i like the colour combination :D it is dark green at the bottom then pink red then brown :D so pretty okay.

okay.. then when i was getting up the bus, a boy was going up the bus at the same time luh. and he missed the step. thus falling to the dirty floor. hahas. maybe he look at me until fall? HAHAS. then that will serve him right. but maybe he was looking at my pretty bubbletea (: i shall not think until too complicated. maybe he is just stupid. hahas.

i was suddenly reminded of the 7pm show on channel 8. is it looking for love or searching for love? cant remember. but i thought of a very wierd question.

why man like to step on two boats? i hope you get what i mean. i mean if they just like doing it with different girls they should just go geylang right. or maybe they like the excitement of chasing after girls? then they should be sent to mental hospital for having such warped thinking. or maybe they want a lot of pretty girls around them. siao ding dong >.< so greedy for what. 1 pretty girl is good enough (:

hahas. does it sound cheem :D june can be labelled as a deep thinker after this post! :D

if you are pretty, you no need to wear designer clothes also very pretty. in fact, even if you never wear anything, you will still be very pretty. however, if you are not very pretty, no matter what good clothes you wear, you will never look pretty.


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