Wednesday, September 5, 2007

i woke up very very early to go to school for maths remedial (: turns out that i shouldnt have bothered. i didnt really learn much today. coz the whole thing only lasted one hour?? the other hour is spent waiting for clement tan. irritating.

but i saw something very funny when i was waiting for the bus. a person wearing officewear is like running for the bus and she runs damn slowly okayy. i thought she was running on the spot. hahas. lucky the bus driver waited for her.
and there is a very irritating person on the mrt ): i realised i get irritated quite easily ): he is a fat and tall man luhh. and the mrt is like super crowded so he was standing very close to me. really super close okay. then he raised his arm to hold the handle and i had to smell his armpit for the rest of the journey ): coz i was only up till his shoulder there. and his arm is super hairy and close to my face. yucks ): YUCK! june is very disgusted by the amount of hair near her face. but i paid him back. hahas. i stepped on his shoe purposely when i was alighting at yio cku kang. LOL. i must be a very bad person coz i dont feel guilty at all. in fact i am still laughing now. heh.

i went to bishan to find lynette after remedial (: drank my favourite corn soup at mos before going to buy the XXL chicken chop. XXL lehh! anyway, i am like eating secretly in the library but dumb lynette beared with her hunger until she cannot stand it alr. LOL. we didnt really studied much luh. lynette so restless and childish ): she spoiled my studying mood okayy. everyone go box her (:

okayy. nothing else to say already. hahas. i need alot of help for maths lehh. and physics ):

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june ng!

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