Friday, August 17, 2007

Today is s totally boring day with both giok and lynette absent. RAWR. next time both of you sick must tell me then i also sick together with you (:

recess was spent attempting to do elit and studying ASEAN test. and you know what? i failed patheticly after studying for so long. i just forgot everything when i took the test. stupid right. i should have used the test to do other things can.

and science is wierd :/ studying sexual reproduction luhh. those people behind me are laughing like mad. heh. and i think limin almost fell off her seat laughing >.< and i got such a dumb grade for science ): i really chionged this term lorh. and still i didnt get the A i want. i dont see the point of chionging anymore. i only got a lousy B4 for goodness sake. i was so pissed off with myself.

guides is quite fun. hahas. so crappish can. and i realise alot of people like marcus despite his lecher like face and fats. wierd taste. hahas :D and footdrill was fun ^^ just marched for a little while and we played captains ball :D hahas. the commanders said that our marching is very good so there is nothing to do alr. but i nver really play. i was kind of pretending to guard the captain while talking to melissa. anyway, i saw gloria with her hair clipped up. she look so guai and unlike herself. i think i have to stuff my hands into my mouth to stop myself from laughing luhh. GLORIA!! YOU LOOK FUNNAYE :DDD and i am not mean lorh. just nothing but the TRUTH (:

and i think mrs chan is nicee (: she told me that i could email her my elit coz i was too busy to do and she will help me print out :DD wonder how many teachers will let us do that.

i dunno what happened. i dont talk to my family nowadays. okayy. i either snap at them or just nod. i know once i speak more than 2 sentences we will just end up quarelling. i cant stand my mother's nagging, my father's sarcastic comments and mostly my sister whining. i feel like slapping her everytime she open her mouth and lemme hear her irritating voice can. and my mother is gossiping and gossiping and gossiping. WALAO.

i dont like my life at all :( i feel like crying luh. i know this is a sad post but i cant help it coz i AM feeling sad.

9:30 PM;

N {ME :D}

june ng!

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i want!

MONey $_$.






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