Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i am seriously very bored. i dont think i can study maths liddat :/ i should study on the mrt tmr (: heh. at least there wun be any distractions. and my wierd comp decided to adopt the finnish language. hahas. it is so wierd luh. okayy.. i shall blog about jane and seow wen coz jane told me to last time. and i got nothing to do now :D

okayy.. lets see.. i only rmr that they are very lame. and always like to push me to sit beside some particular guy after recess. coz we have to line up in twos, one guy one girl mah. it is kind of wierd lorh.. this arrangement. that is why i will so shocked first day in sec 1 when everyone were supposed to go back to class and wait for the teacher there themself. so wierd :/

umm.. i think i really changed alot after coming to st. nicks. i alaso dunno if it is a good or bad change. but i use to be quite kuku in primary school. hahas. and i am wearing contact lens and have short fringe now (: hahas. i know alot of my primary classmates or whatever cant recognised me. or maybe they just forgot me :/

ohh, and i remembered something else. hahas. when i was in pri4, the teacher told us to hand in our red file. and i didnt. coz i didnt really rather luh. but one day, the teacher was quite irritated and told the whole class to stand up. there is only 1 person left who didnt hand in the file so she is going to slowly call out the name. and at last left me and this boy. so the teacher said " i no need to say the last name you also know who nver hand up alr. boy, why you nver hand in?" she was preparing to scold the boy. and the boy denied so the teacher of coz look at the last file and called out the name. and i was the one left standing!! LOL. the poor teacher look abit shocked. heh. but she didnt scold me =.= she just gentlely reminded me to bring the next day. hahas. can you see the difference in treatment (:

woahh.. such a long post alr =.= tatas (:

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