Monday, August 27, 2007

HELLOO :D i feel so much better after my nap.

we had cme presentation this morning. it was like omg. giok had this urge to giggle with every word she say? and i started laughing along with her in front of the class :( and she was speaking so softly that ms stella mad her repeat alot of times. i shall not do presentation with her again. or we will be laughing all over again in front of the whole clss >.< but it is still very funny. hahas

and home cons was in the library. er.. we didnt really do much. just checked up some info on crepes. and you know what. hazel thought that a crepe was something like a curry puff. LOL. should i say that it is ms stella that described a crepe wrongly or what?? anyway, i had no idea that she is in our grp can. then where is she yesterday when we met up?? urgh.

it surprises even myself how nice i am sometimes. i help lynette and sichen photocopy something during recess and queued for 20 mins?? almost late for elit luhh. hahas. but it is very exciting running back to class with giok and vivian ^^

clit test! was very very sian. we had to copy info from the notes to our foolscap for 1 hr. i was yawning and yawning away can.

anyway, i went home with jiahua. we are on 76 when s he suddenly shot up and said " i saw zijie!" hahas. she mean the css2 zijie. then she went off the bus to look and called me. hahas.i know she is very lame.

and i saw a super super cute malay boy on the mrt :D he was sitting in a pusher beside the pole i was holding to. omg, when i first look down, i thought omg.. so cute. hahas. his eyes are super big and curious and he is very chubby :D he started pulling at my pinafore after i look down. hahas. his mum keep saying sorry to me although i dont mind abit. of course i will mind if it is some ugly baby. but he so cute. and he got two hobbies. one is to play with my big ears, like pushing it forwards and backwards. and number two is to lean out of his pusher and hug the metal poles. hahas. i keep smiling and smiling at him luhh. if he is 10 years old, he must have thought i gonna rape him or something. heh :D

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N {ME :D}

june ng!

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i want!

MONey $_$.






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