Sunday, July 29, 2007

YOYO :D i shall blog about malaysia ^^

i woke up 5.45am yesterday =.= washed and everything on was on the bus at 6.30am :D
the person at the customs keep telling me to change photos :/ i was so scared that he wouldnt let me through luh. we went for breakfast once we reached malaysia. hahas. the coffee shop is very dirty =.= in fact, i think the whole malaysia is very dirty. but the handmade fishball very nice :D i think it is a speaciality of malaysia coz i never eat this kind of fishball before? LOL. then we went to a temple at some countryside? i was sleeping on the bus already cuddled up with my jackey :D but my sister was being mean. she keep putting a cracker near my nose when i was sleeping and almost made me drool :( the temple is boring. we sisnt even go inside larh. my family was just queueing at the toilet and taking photos =.= malaysia toilets never provide toilet paper :X even shopping centres ones :/ then travelled for about 1hour to take a boat the some kelong. i was busick :( it is not my fault luhh. even my sister who was never busick felt abit uncomfortable(: coz the road is super bumpy and uneven. the kelong at the middle of nowhere was scary. you can only walk on narrow planks tied together with rope and it feels very fragile :/ i didnt dare to walk along the same plank with anyone that looks fat coz i was so scared the plank will break. and i will fall into the water with the scary fishes. there was even a baby shark luh. we travelled back to land after looking at the fishes? LOL. i think the whole thing is pointless. anyway, the lunch place was also scary :( coz we had lunch at soome place where the floor is planks nailed together. and they didnt do a very good job luhh. there was small gaps between where you can see the sea. and when you look at the sea, it looks rally littered. all the plastic bags and tissues. i thought i even saw a wooden coffin floating along. ARGHH. anyway, i saw windmills being sold there. actually i wanted to buy one for giokqin coz she keep forgetting to bring hers to school. but my mother said that i was being lame :( then when we was going to the shopping centre, our coach passed a roadside durian stall and stopped there. my parents went down to eat while i stayed on the nice coach. but after that tbey are motioning for me to go down and i went. they are actually opening the durian on someone's car luhh =.= and the worse thing is, the car is covered with houseflies. it is so damn disgusting :X i ran all the way back to the coach can. hahas. and my mother bought 2 pineapples back. she actually put them above but when the coach started, the pineapples began rolling about =.=one almost fell on my mother's head luhh. LOL. she then resolved to hand them at her seat (:

and i dont feel like bloggin alr. it is too long. but i love tropical fruits at malaysia and seafood :D and there are prizes for the two most irritating people in the coach.

a small girl sitting behind us. she was staring and listening to me and my sister most of the time luhh. i couldnt even comb my hair in peace =.= when you turn to ur side, you could actually see her peering at us. stupid busybody :(

a young boy in front of us. he bought a stupid toy rifle and was playing with it most of the time. and everytime he pulls the trigger, there was be a loud clap which scares me to death =.=

and i think i put on alot of weight :(

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i want!

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