Friday, July 20, 2007

this picture is for giokqin<3 thankyou for trying to cheer me up today (: though this drawing isnt very nice, i spent half an hour drawing one okayy :( you must like it :D CONCLUSION: GIOK ROCKS :DD

i was sending random msgs to jiahua, giokqin, boey,wenjing, xinru and jane today morning. i was on the mrt and very bored. seeing the guy opp. me smsing, my fingers began to itch. everyone replied except for jiahua and xinru (: yay! everyone love morning wake up sms (: especially random ones :D

and i saw this wierd boy at the mrt station. although both trains are like 5 mins away, he is still running up the escalator. and he stumbled! i think his legs are too short luhh. but the funniest thing is after he stumbles, he still strided across the platform with a limp =.= like with his chest stuck out lykdat. and he is making a sucking noise? like when you sucked up your noodles that sound :/ i think this is to show he is in great pain or something =.=

i seriously think that my henna is very scary. okayy luhh, not very. but still it scares me >.< coz when i curl up my fingers, i can only see a thick line down my fingaer and not the whole henna drawing. thus, i keep thinking that it is blood! =.= really larh. i got scared 3 times by myself already :/

assembly is about sec3 streaming :/ i decided to go C1a (: anyone wants to go there too? (: they said that elit is difficult but elit is one of my favourite subject so i am not dropping that. i wish i could drop math luhh. geog was okayy. we went to comp lab3 to do the survey for half an hour. my comp's keyboard is like wierd? some lame prson had plucked out 4 alphabets and exchanged their places =.= it was okayy if i never look at the keyboard and type but when i look at the keyboard i was totally confused =.=! anyway, jiahua wanted me to say that she rock :/

i started to get really emo during geog :/ my head is like aching and i felt very sad :( by the time it was elit, i was crying alr :/ this is getting so wierd. i really dunno why i felt so sad at that time but that feeling is so terrible :( i want to be happy :/ but thanks again to dear giok who was trying to cheer me up^^ i love you people :DDDD

anyway, i didnt go to the zoo in the end and went home to sleep and eat panadol :/ i think everytime i feel sick, i will just eat panadol =.=

6:00 PM;

N {ME :D}

june ng!

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i want!

MONey $_$.






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