Monday, July 23, 2007

i think i love my face too much or something :/ everytime when i go to school in the morning when it is al dark, i can see my reflection in the glass panel on the mrt. and i keep staring at myself and making funny faces =.= in the end i just burst out laughing to myself :/ GAHH! june is going mad because of someone's influence :(

anyway, laughing is not encouraged on the mrt, especially if it is very crowded. you will lost your balance while laughing and bump into someone. that is what happened to me :( i was laughing away to myself and bumped into someone's bag behind me :X
embarrassing can =.=

our class is stinky today :( i think someone vomited at the dustbin outside our class or something -.-

MATHS: lame =.= clement tan tried to eat the water babies coz tingyuan said that they are edible. so greedy luhh, no wonder stomach so bigg =.= everyone was like shrieking at him while he want to put inside his mouth that time. then he said that he know the water babies cannot be eaten :/ AS IF LARH. he just say this to try and save his face.
HOME ECONS: funny :D some people are so creative. omg. i will not ever think of those kind of ads luhh. i also went to the toilet with giok (: LOL. i know this is very random. but when we went outside the class, we heard super loud laughter coming from opposite. =.= clement tan's class. i felt like shouting to them " clement tan is so not funny luh" hahas(: HE IS REALLY NOT. HE IS JUST DUMB (:

anyway, gloria is very idiot. today i was innocently eating my biscuit in class and she tapped my on my shoulder, giving me such a fright that i almost swallowed my biscuit. erm.. i think this sentence sounds abit wierd (: it is a big biscuit. not a mini one. i almost choked luhh =.= and it turned out that she wanted 1 biscuit too. JUNE ALMOST DIED IN CLASS TODAY THANKS TO GLORIA KOAY. (gloria, this is your name big :D )

i discovered an amzing feat of mine ((: i can walk and apply lip balm at the same time :D it is damn hard luhh. you have to coordinate ur hands and legs and eyes. you can try next time you have nothing to do. try lip blam, lipstick, mascara while handing one mirror in ur hand. you wont succeed (:

GAHH! cant rmr what else to blog about :/ forget it, i shall go read harry potter now :D tatas

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