Thursday, July 26, 2007

i seriously dunno what is wrong with my phone's alarm. i woke up late again today :( GAHH. but i still got to eat macdonalds coz my father drove me there speeding (: it made me very very full :/

pe today was wierd :X gym is definitely not my thing can. i dun even know how to roll :/ i almost broke my neck i think coz it is still hurting now :( and it makes my hair messy! my rubberband fell off and i have no comb to comb back my hair. so yah.. i have to leave it untied for the rest of pe :/ i shall bring a comb to gym every week no matter how dumb or bimbo i look ((: any way someone told me collin phee is a pervert. like last time when a girl was doing gym she didnt tuck in and her shirt was flying all over, collin phee had a special reaction. LOL! =.= hahas. REMEMBER TOT UCK IN UR PE SHIRT AND PROTECT URSELF^^

malay was boring plus boring plus boring :( i have totally given up on listening larh. i cant read his handwriting and cant pronounce the malay words. i hope there wun be a malay test. o ri will flunk it :(

after school was ndp briefing :/ we falled in and started to practise marching. hahas. i saw a sec3 hitting her hand on the water cooler coz she is standing too close >.< the forum is too small to march in. and seth tan is really very funny and lame. he went and pat his body looking for a pen and it looks so wrong to me luhh :DDD and chinpei is the commander for ndp ((:

went home with gloria and lynette after ndp briefing (: we saw the bus coming and dunno whether to run anot. then gloria began running and was saying what " civilised! civilised!" =.= i think she run that time also not very civilised (: anyway, i took a picture of her and the bus :D and it looks so wierd :DD should i upload it? i promise her that if i ever upload it on my blog, i will upload boey's 2 photos too (: heh.


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june ng!

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i want!

MONey $_$.






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