Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i saw a rainbow today morning :D its like only the fifth or sixth rainbow i have ever seen in my life. i mean real life. not tv or whatsoever. and i love rainbows (: they are so colourful and pretty and makes me smile all day :D it is great to start a morning seeing a rainbow (: anywayy, i remember my first time seeing a rainbow was pri2. it was in the morning also(: i was like struggling to take my specs out my bag then so i could see the rainbow clearly. although the rainbow wasnt as pretty as in the shows coz the colors are kinda faded i could remember how happy i was the whole day (: RAINBOWS ROCK :DD

history was boring+boring+boring. thats why i would rather choose to take elective geog next year. i just dont understand history luhh. and i spent the 1 period of maths sewing the hook and bar of my pinafore coz they fell off (: i feel so pro to sew it myself luhh. and it looks very neat also :DD reccess was crispy noodles which are so hard to eat. they are like just sticking up but it was niceeeeee(: and i got my bougain pat tee which cost $24:DD it is bloody red! okayy, doesnt sound very nice. it is flaming red!!! lols. but the design is nice luhh. and i think the size is abit wierd. the shirt is alittle too long but the sleeves are like up to my elbows! and it is a polo :/ nvm, i still love the patrol tee :DD
then TW was changing seats! i am currently sitting with NG GIOKQIN! and she say she is going to control me :/ and sitting in front of us are grace and jingwen :/ i just hope they wouldnt be too noisy (:
actually me boey sichen and jinnee wanted to go j8 to eat mos burger but seeing that orange bowl's queue is so short, we rushed to eat that =.= and i was still carrying my heavy bag. i tell you, boey sichen and jinnee like mad women liddat. they keep pushing each other and trying to cut queue (: i think i am the only normal one there^^ and in the end, me and boey went home while they went j8(: end of story :D

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