Monday, July 9, 2007

i realised that my typing is really very bad. my posts have alot of typo errors evn if i checked twice >.< i shall type slower in future (:

i woke up late today! boohoo :( i wake at 6.10am when i am supposed to get out of the house by 6. my father drove me to school in the end (: but the only sad thing is i didnt buy anything to eat in school :/ *crys* but i survived :DD
hpme econs practical is really very difficult today. we had to make some sort of pouch to hold tissue paper? but me look soo wierd luhh. i totally forgot how to do slip hemming can. and my thread keep getting tangled up so i was pulling at my pouch half of the time. me and xinru are like the last to leave class =.= lols. but i wasnt like. xinru was (: and there is a spot of blood on her fabric! so wierd luhh. luckily carmen waited for me although i was 15mins late (: yay! thankyou :D
and i got back my elit paper (: it wasnt that bad but its lower than the class average :/ the class average is 27/30 lorhh. and i got 23 only. ONLY!! and i studied so hard :( and lynette made me lose hope for my maths test byt telling me how much she got :/ now i have nothing to look forward to. arghhhhhhhhhhh! i am scared >.< remember to comfort me when we get back maths test. and dont ever ask what are my marks. thanks.
chinese lit was great :D the second part only =.= coz we had to stop lessons halfway (: the sec3s are having oral in ava room mah (: yays. so we just went back to class and slacked :DDD
ooh, and i went to popular after school to help my sister buy glue. okayy, when i was searching for the glue, i saw someone standing in front of me blocking my way. so i randomly stuck my tongue out at him and went off. hahas. i dunno why i did it luhh. maybe my tongue was too tired and needs excercise (:

byebye :D thankyou goodbye have a nice day god bless you people (:

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