Wednesday, July 4, 2007

hellooo (: i was terribly suay today :(

first thing, i was almost late. actually i woke up on time and was all prepared to go out at 6. but when i went in to call my mother wake up to bring me downstairs, my father said he went bring me. not quite undersatnding, i went to the living room and drank my coffee till 6.10am. then my father told me he was just taking me downstairs =.= and i have to run out of the house.
then, i started to have stomach pain on the mrt. i think i was too hungry or sth coz i had only coffee for breakfast. soo, i stopped by mcdonalds to buy a burger (:
history was blahh. except that ms lai rewarded me and xinru with 1bar of halls sweets each for the open house thing. but the sweets not that nice actually. it has this wierd tea taste, but sinc its green tea flavour, so yah... lols
biology was boringgg. we copied alot of stuff onto the paper until my hand felt like breaking. i think my handwriting became worse after this lesson alr coz i wrote so fast =.=
we went to the library for english to borrow books for the descriptive writing thing. we waited for 1/2 an hour outside because its lunchtime for the librarian =.= so hot and stuffy can. when i stood up, the back of my pinafore is wet with sweat =.= i lent xinru borrow my ezlink card to borrow books :DDD she didnt bring her =.= which means that someone is fetching her from and to school. so good luhhs. but she repaid my kindness by allowing someone to laugh at my ezlink card picture >:(

ate orange bowl after school and went home with boey :DD anyways, i found this picture of boey at chengmun's blog. she look so dumb (: you think i shall put it up or not? i think i should :DDD

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june ng!

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i want!

MONey $_$.






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