Thursday, July 5, 2007

hello ((:

today i am going to blog about my clorets first. this is my beloved orange mint cloret tablet (:

as you can see, its very slim and convienient to put inside my pocket. however, it cost alot despite its size. it is $1.80 (: you might think its not alot BUT, i buy it everyday coz i like to have a minty breath (: and look! 1.80 x 5school days = 9 i have to pay 9bucks a week for this :( so i have to change to another type of packaging. which is thicker and bulkier. but costs only 2 for $2.10 :DDD which is so much cheaper compared to to the slim packaging. and the moral of story is : SIZE DOES MATTER (:

and, i got my orchid patrol emblem today (: isnt it nice ? say it is (: actually i thought it is quite similar to the bougain one. but the colour is nice :D anyway, i am the patrol treasurer :DDD isnt it fun? lols. but our patrol fund only has 50cents :(

anyway, school is like so boring today :( and we have two relief teachers called ms koh. one teaches pe and the other teaches maths. =.= volleyball was fun but i think i did more running after the ball than really hitting the ball. but i learnt how to do service (: june is so smart^^ malay is like super boring. i dont understand all the crap larh. why should i even learn malay =.= we spent the english period doing descriptive essay. but i think i am not going to get very high. my imagination isnt very good today :( then assembly(: we had the election rally thing for head monitor and head prefect. it was quite funny and lame (: i dont know how on earth those people think of it luhh. like toilet cover??? =.= i dunno who to vote for lehh. its like i dun really know any of them. except the shu fen girl larh. i see her on the bus every morning (: then, i went home with lynette after eating at mcdonalds (: lynette is VERY VERY lame. she told me alot of lame jokes luhh. like what is happy's surname? is happy male or female? so dumb right (: but i would tell you the answers. you can guess it urself (: anyway, something wierd and embarrassing happened to me on the mrt. its all my bag's fault. *frowns at bag* i shall not say what is it coz i know you all will laugh at me *smiles*

byebye (: i have to study for chem and village by the sea :(

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june ng!

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