Wednesday, July 18, 2007

aikching requested for me to blog about the waist lenght of people in two unity (:
so here you go :D this is in inches ^^ look at those special ppl with a :D

giokqin: 25
aikching: 28
jiahua: 32 :D
gloria: 30
hazel: 20
jiaying: 28
jingwen: 32 :D
limin: 28
brander: 30
joan: 32 :D
ME: 23^^

okayy, i think this is too lame :/ and this is estimated by me and giokqin! lol!

I saw something funny in the morning when i am going to school! i saw a fat boy and his fatter mother at the bus stop luhh. than the mother was motioning to the boy to sit and he really sat down. and the seat creaked so loudly :D i thought it was going to break or something =.= and i was laughing secretly at him :D maybe he sat down too quickly or sth.and the bus stop seat is those orange plastic kind^^ not metal one luhh. i think if the mother sit the seat really going to break :D i know i am very mean :(

SKITTLES SMOOTHIE MIX! dont buy it. it is very disgusting. see the flavours then know already. like strawberry banana, peach pear, lemon berry and blah. and there is a strong milk taste coz it is smoothie (: so actually it is made of milk + z flavour + a flavour (: but some people still find it nice :/

i going zoo on friday! SMELLY ZOO :( i still remember that the zebras are the smelliest. i shall avoid going there on friday (: ZOO ZOO ZOO ZOOM(:

FOOTDRILL TODAY MORNING! was bad :/ i can tell that the commanders are quite angry with us coz we timed so softly. but my throat really dont feel like timing today :/ like i try louder abit then start coughing alr :(

went home with lynette after school :D she got off at khatib and i said bye to her! LOLS. but i was like " pu-ma-bye-bye-see-you-to-mo-rrow" acting like a robot :D anyway, i think i saw shawn goh on the mrt. i think only coz he look so familar and yet very different :/ actually i wanted to ask but scared i got the wrong person. but i keep staring at him and frowning luhh. i hope he doesnt think i am wierd :/

hahas. i know my post today is like totally random. whatever. coz my day is too boring. tatas :D

4:02 PM;

N {ME :D}

june ng!

# 18/06
# st. nicks; twounity
# juneng_xinhui@hotmail.com

i want!

MONey $_$.






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