Friday, June 8, 2007

went out yesterday with joanne (: very fun :DDD
first we went to causeway to catch men in white. joanne so kiasu =.= she FORCED us to go in the the cinema so early larh. like we are one of the earliest. i only saw 1 uncle sitting there when we go in. the movie abit wierd. i think its becoz of the language. coz they used dialect mainly and i dont understand =.= but overall quite funny. can go watch if you feel bored (: yahh, i read in today's newspaper the movie review about this movie. "the movie is not quite haha but huh?" i think its quite true..
then we went for pizza :D AT PIZZAHUT okayy, not really pizza coz joanne ordered pasta. wadevas. i love my pizza (: so nice and juicy. but i didnt finish the last piece lorh. feel too bloated alr. lols.anyway, i think the mushroom soup tasted worse than last time. i didnt even finish half. =.= i feel abit malu when asking for the bill =.= coz nver try asking for bill before so i dunno what to do. actually i tried raising my hand but noone came. i think they think that i am touching my head coz i dun dare raise too high? went to the counter to pay with joanne in the end =.=
then trained to j8 :DDD the first place we went to is the neoprint shop (: but there is someone inside so we went to action city :D bought my clock for 13bucks there. then we went back to take neoprints alr. someone else alr inside so we waited =.= okay, then i had to pay 6 bucks when joanne payed 4. she said that she is broke ): anyway,i think the neoprints we took there look kinda stupid :/ after that, we just shopped around to buy jiahua's present. finally found a hp pouch for her when i decided to go home =.= so lame luh.
when training back to woodlands, joanne and i decided to go take neoprints at causeway again. lols. anyway the one i wanted to take was in use so we used the 9 bucks machine. again, i had to pay more :x but i think the neoprints are nicer this time (:
then dashed back home coz i told my mother 5 and its alr 5.30. saw xiaoyi on the bus back :X
i dun think he recognise me lorh. coz i am not wearing glasses anymore and i cut my hair. i think my classmate also dun recognise me because of my hair =.=

ohh, and i am currently collecting movie tickets (:

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N {ME :D}

june ng!

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i want!

MONey $_$.






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