Saturday, November 29, 2008

i can finally blog! :D my keyboard spoiled a few days ago and i couldnt go online ): finally bought a new one from causeway! haha, its rare that i am the first one using the comp after it recovers :D

i think i am really terrible! i have been thinking about doing homework since last week but i havent done anything yet. and i ddont even have anything to do at home. just sleep, surf the net, flip through my magazines and stuff. i must really really try to do some work soon! i dont want to lag behind people when school reopens

i think my skin is getting really bad. last time when i was sec 1 or something, i dont even use cleanser and its like still smooth and pimpleless. but now my forehead is like so uneven with whiteheads. and the last time i counted, my longest skincare regime at night consist of like 10 steps?! i am wasting so much money on the sort of stuff ):

my new keyboard is pretty wierd. the backspace button is so short.

my sister is crazily dumb! she go put her icecream in the middle part of the fridge instead of the freezer! haha

6:28 PM;

Monday, November 24, 2008

haha, i went to cut hair! :D i feel quite accomplished cause i used the money i earned working.

working at heartland was pretty boring. although there are alot of people walking around nobody bought anything ): but i saw a lot of angmoh kids! they are so cute! :D angmoh kids are so adorable with blond curls! like much better than chinese kids.

and i saw alot of st. nicks people too! haha,like 2 on saturday and 2 on sunday. i didnt know so many people live near there. haha!

i shall go play viwawa! :D

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i visited this website that allow you to morph two people's faces together! haha, its fun! (:

i morphed ayumi hamasaki and zhang ziyi together! pretty! :D her skin looks really good! like its going to feel really soft!

alexz johnson and jessica alba! haha! pretty too! she looks really exotic!
but i prefer the previous one!

ayumi hamasaki and me! i like the eyes! so big :D

anyway, i saw something on the mrt yesterday! this woman was like studing from papers that said beauty therapy! i guess she went to attend some make up workshop! hahah, i want to go too! just think how fun its going to be! then maybe next time i can be the coach or whatever for this sort of workshops! hehe

i am really bored! ):

12:52 PM;

Friday, November 14, 2008

i am so angry now. i cant believe what a idiot that girl is. this is the whole story..

around a month ago, i order this elf thing from a spree. we are about to meet up for payment already when she told me the us dollar went up or something so she had to cap more orders first. i offered to pay more cause i want the thing urgently so she agreed but i forgot why the payment didnt happen..

recently i got the msg from her again telling me to make payment soon when i forgot about the whole thing already. she actually took 1 month to cap all the orders!!! i didnt want the thing already ( it was a impluse buy) so i asked if i could cancel it. she said okay but she will blacklist me ( what is this supposed to mean? i saw other blogshops doing this and they put the girl's name and number up on the web. like what the hell?!) so i said i will meet her to make payment since she is charging quite cheaply..

we are supposed to meet up today at 2pm. but i waited till 2.15 and she didnt turn up. neither did she answer my calls or messages. i was super irritated can. my bag is damn heavy and my contacts are threatening to drop out all the while.. and we are dismissed at 12 so i actually waited for her for 1+ hrs?! and she didnt even bother to call me to tell me she isnt coming or something!

she is such a bitch lah. i decided that i am going to cancel order. i dont care if i got blacklisted or anything.

haha. feel much better after ranting! bye!

2:47 PM;

Monday, November 10, 2008

my life is so boring! the career workshop thing is like so boring! those people who ponned made the right choice * nods head wisely* anyway, shall not make my life even worse by blogging about it! to happier things!

haha, just clicked on the benefit website! (: cause i realised that lynette and sichen have been raving about the benefit's concealer.

the things i want and probably never going to get:

benetint! cheek and lip stain!

highbeam! hightlighter!

you rebel lite! tinted moisturizer!

lyin' eyes! concealer! haha, even the name suggests that its good! like you look so flawless cause you use the concealer. then people wont believe their eyes or something!

anyway, they are all from www.benefitcosmetics.com and anyone that wants to get them for me is free too! :D

juicy couture camera! it looks so cute! haha!

by the way, please dont comment that i am very bimbotic and vain cause its is like super uncreative. haha!

i shall go do more practical stuff like studying for my biology SPA tmr!

5:24 PM;

Sunday, November 2, 2008

how to get rosy cheecks :D

1) get enough sleep!

2) drink soup! Some of the best ingredients you can use are: carrots, tomatoes, red dates, chicken, Ling Zhi, and ginseng.

3) eat red meat!

4)steam your face in a hot shower!

5) eat spicy food!

haha, found all this on the web! i guess this is why my cheeks are so red! i take hot shower and eat spicy food everyday!

3:30 PM;

Saturday, October 25, 2008

OHMYGOSH! I AM SO GOING TO WORK AT A COSMETICS COUNTER AFTER OLEVELS! that is like the best thing that could ever happen can?! i will get to earn lots of money while doing the thing i like :D and who knows whether i will get lots of vounchers! haha, i feel happy just thinking about it (:

and i bought the best lp gloss yesterday! nobody is probably interested but i am so happy! it is soo pretty (: its like the colour i have been looking for for ages!


12:36 PM;

Monday, October 20, 2008

GAH! i am quite tempermental now so i shall talk about happier things!

i saw a wireless epilator at courts yesterday (: the cheapest is only $30 lor! but i want to get the pink one! haha,i shall try to save $98

i realised my waist is not as big as i think! 26 is not that big right? (:

i want to buy coloured contacts again! i want light brown :D

i must make a trip to arab street soon! i think its somewhere in bugis (:

7:16 PM;

Saturday, October 18, 2008

ohmygosh! i just realised that shakespeare has a super high IQ of 174- 200! and einstein has a lower IQ of shakespeare. haha. i am so bored.

and you just need an IQ of 120 to be a teacher! isnt it like quite low?!

hahaha! my sister told me her IQ is 183! like wtf?

7:10 PM;


WOOH! I DECIDED! I AM GOING TO NJC! (: haha, its never too early to decide. so i can work towards L1R5 of 8 :D 4A1s and 2A2s. then hopefully can minus 2 points for cca and 2 points for higher chinese. but the way i am ponning cca, i dont think i can minus lor! stupid people keep tempting me to pon guides ): i shall try going to guides more often! :D


1:30 PM;

Friday, October 17, 2008

ohmygosh, today is so boring. math for 3 hours ): i think we are going back to lessons much too much. i was really paying attention cause i was still in the post eoys mood. anyway the class was so noisy.

finally went to eat with my sister after school before going to buy her volleyball.seriously lor, i think its really a waste of money.. not like she is a professional player or anything what.. would you rather spend $24 on a volleyball that you dont frequently use or stuff to prettify yourself up? WASTE MONEY LEH! if i have $24 spare, i will spend it on swarovski crystals to prettify my phone ): i saw a blogshop selling swarovski crystals at 144 for $8. I WANT! ):

p/s: joanne, dont scold me hor

6:42 PM;

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i just came back from the doctor. she was really shocked to see my face. haha. she was like advising me to put sunblock next time and telling me my face is really sensitive. haha, so nice :D but she said my face will take 10 days to recover ): 10 days leh! and its only sunburn lor.

this must be retribution for laughing at people! ):

4:02 PM;

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yesterday should be "the day when most people say ohmygod to june"! everyone got a big shock when they saw my face ): i was super embarrassed and keep hiding my face. it is so terrible can.

my results came out better than expected :D i missed A for chem by 1 mark ): 1 mark!!!

4:29 PM;

Monday, October 13, 2008

can i emphasize how much i hate the games carnival?my rashes havent subsided yet and my face is red, blotchy and flaky. it looks like i have a skin disease of some sort ): i think i havent seen my skin at a worse state than now.

i am so not looking forward to tomorrow

i am so bored :O so i start on preparing for chinese olevels? not that i have any idea how to.

i want to eat pizzahut!

11:37 AM;

Saturday, October 11, 2008

are you sunburnt? (:


Vinegar will help restore the skins ph balance quickly. It will also soothe the pain and may help prevent blistering. A great remedy to soothe your skin when it gets to the horrible itchy stage :

Vinegar Spray Bottle Remedy

Fill ½ vinegar and ½ water into a spray bottle. Spray onto burn areas as often as you like throughout the day. Alternatively you could take a bath. Run a cool bath and pour 3-4 cups of vinegar into the water. Soak for 15-20 minutes.

Milk - Soak a gauze with milk and leave on the burn for a few minutes. This cools and soothes the burn, leaving a protective protein barrier behind.

Milk Spray Bottle Remedy

Alternatively fill a spray bottle with milk and spray directly onto your burns as often as you like throughout the day. Be careful with this - although extremely soothing you could end up a bit smelly by the end of the day!

Aloe Vera is cooling, soothing and healing to your sunburn. Fresh Aloe Vera is best straight from the leaf. However I appreciate that this may not be available to everyone so Aloe Vera gel bought from a health store or pharmacy works just as well. Apply Aloe Vera gently to the area as often as required.


2:41 PM;

Friday, October 10, 2008

the games carnival thing was such a great idea. now my face is like so red and sunburnt with rashes covering my hands and legs. plua my neck got several shades darker! ): and some idiot hit me on my ankle and the red mark is like still there. what the hell.

i dont know how i got covered with rash. it is just heat rash? too diry? or i am allergic to the grass? or it is just my sunblock? ): it is really itchy can.

today's game was so bad! we played 5 games and only won one ): and noone got into the semifinals

5:03 PM;

Thursday, October 9, 2008

so there is cca again tomorrow. i thought there will be no more cca for the rest of the year and i was so happy ): and school ends early at 1 so i have to wait 2 1/2 hours before cca starts. what a waste of time ): i can use it to sleep or something. at least cca is ending early at 5.30 (: and no need to wear guides uniform. haha, i dont think i dare to change in the canteen toilet anymore. not after lijie's ghost story :O that toilet freaks me out now

anyway, my gate is now painted pink by my mother! and the pipes in the bathroom too! haha, it makes me quite happy (: it make me happier when i see my sister studying when i am slacking :D

i want to go out soon :D

4:58 PM;

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

EWWW! i just watched the episode of girl on girl about catching cockcroaches and its so disgusting. cockcroaches are just gross! i dont really mind if i see a cockcroach outside but to be surrounded by 20,30 cockroaches is like just so disgusting ): and can you imagine catching cockroaches?! yucks. i think the worst experience i had with cockroaches was when they are doing fogging downstairs. its like the lift lobby is full of cockroaches are dying on the floor which is so damn gross. then i will be damn scared to take the lift cause i am scared there will be a cockraoch in the lift. being trapped in thbe lift with a cockroach will be the worst things ever.
okay.. i am super freaked out now

12:03 PM;

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OHMYGOSH! i just realised that friday is games carnival! its like so fast! i am so not looking forward to it. i am playing floorball ): i have a feeling that we will lose, especially cause i am with seeyi those king of people :D i just hope noone whacks my leg with the hockey stick. and the sun! i cant imagine standing under the sun for so damn long! maybe i should spray some lemon juice on my hair first? at least i can lighten my hair while getting sunburnt (:

happy happy! i painted my toenails like finally! :D baba\y pink with abit of glitter on top! :D it is so shiny and makes me very happy! i have being waiting for today since september holidays :D i feel very free suddenly leh. like too free? i surfed the net, slept, painted and filed my nails, read magazines. what else to do? i also tried searching for beauty tips online. haha! i am just too bored!

8:10 PM;

Friday, October 3, 2008

i guess it has been a really long time since i last blogged. i thought of blogging sometimes but ... i am really getting irritated. i dont know why i get so pissed off about some people's comments and do things that i do even like. its like so wierd ):

ANYWAY, EOYS is over! not totally over but i am feeling super unstressed now. haha! i totally wrote nonsense for social studies today lah. i was super irritated at myself cause actually i wanted to study chapters 2,3 but i decided not too cause it looked too short and nothing much to remember. and in the end the questions for chapters 2,3 turned out to be so super easy! rah! and i dont even understand the question that i did! i just scribbled out anything that i could remember, no idea if it is relevant. but it is really hard for me to pass ss! usually i will get fail or pass by 1/2 mark for a test so i sort of gave up for today's exams.

i am looking forward to the amath exam on monday :D i guessed cause after doing the easy 2006 paper i am quite confident. the 2006 paper is really a breeze, hopefully ours would be something like it (:

i got wierd hobbies :D i like splurging on useless stuff, gorging on tibits and experimenting with beauty stuff! haha, especially playing with those bimbo stuff. its so fun lor! :D

8:52 PM;

Saturday, March 1, 2008

You Are 20% Evil

You are good. So good, that you make evil people squirm.

Just remember, you may need to turn to the dark side to get what you want!

How Evil Are You?

yay! i am nice :D

Your Wrath Quotient: 32%

Sometimes you get really angry, but nothing out of the norm.

While you may wish someone harm, it's pretty unlikely that you'd actually do anything about it.

How Much Wrath Do You Have?

yes! i everytime say i want to revenge but never carry out one ): damn sian

haha! i found a way to exercise in school :D cause my mother keep saying my thighs very big. so irritating. anyway, i borrow chuanping's ball and roll it with my leh on top forward and backwards under my table. so smart right! cause then i will be moving my leg forward and backward like kicking like that. and half suspended in the air somemore! sure will jian fei one! hehe

7:04 PM;


giok told me the teachers read our blogs!!!!!!! why they so free one!! i think got like 1000+ students in st nicks that have blogs? where do they even find the tim eto read them. siao one lor! now i dont dare to blog about the teachers any more ): or maybe i will give them nicknames? :D

tagboard replies:


giok: NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT! my life is not as interesting as yours!

vivian: haha, really? okay, i blog for you :D

haha, so many people think that fat butt is fierce! she is quite nice actually, i think she is only fierce to people she is not teaching :/ seriously lor, i think she never scold our class before. and she teaches better than the w.n . i think the w.n dont even know how to teach english litereature at all.

i am so bored! i cant stand my mother. she is damn kiasu lor. like she keep telling me o levels is coming and forcing me to do work. like hello? olevels still quite far away what! and now she is thinking of letting me have chinese tuition. which means i will be 3 tuitions a week! MADNESS!

5:36 PM;

Friday, February 22, 2008





haha, you are excused from the do to nothing and kaypoh if you just think my blog rocks (:

biology is a killer! so damn difficult lor ): that lynette hor, act guai one, dont want to tell me anything. lucky i ran out just before biology and saw jingwen.

WOOHH~~~ brenda lee is so childish! she go and use the chopped up pieces of eraser to throw at people. tsk tsk. still throw into my blouse somemore. *shakes head*

7:31 PM;

Thursday, February 21, 2008

You Are 67% Vain

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HAHA! not too bad what!

You Are 65% Grown Up, 35% Kid

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Although you have your moments of moodiness, you're usually stable and level headed.

How Emotionally Mature Are You?

yay (: I AM MATURE!

6:47 PM;


i dont why i am posting now, there are 2 tests tomorrow

thinking day tomorrow too, yuck yuck! i cant eat for breakfast then, later my skirt cannot zip. i bought S okay, not i fat. ahh, but i am scared i will faint! like alot of people who never eat breakfast faint lor, then tomorrow still must stand there so long. URGHH. I HATE GUIDES.


4:39 PM;

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gemini females are known for their intelligence and modernity.

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Matters related to heart are dealt in the liveliest manner.

During the most intimate situation, they offer wit and laughter.

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If you are looking for a long-term relationship then try to keep your Gemini mate busy and completely involved in your relationship.

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Eyes of Gemini are usually light colored with dark lashes.
(kuakuakua. i can see giok jealous. hahaha)

Chin of Gemini is usually well proportioned with a pointed jawline.

Gemini has usually childish facial expression accompanied with a sweet smile.

Gemini natives are also great dancers, as they are agile and love to have fun.

Gemini natives have usually fine-textured hair.

Given below are a few significant lucky charms of Gemini.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Color: Yellow (yucks, hate that colour. dont know why that seeyi like it :/)

Lucky Flower: Lily

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Gemstones: Jade, Aquamarine and Topaz

Lucky Metal: QuickSilver (yay (: i like silver)

6:52 PM;

Monday, February 18, 2008

okayy, i decided. i am going to leave this blog alone. i think blogger hates me or something. my posts dont get saved or published cause there is always some sorts of internet problem and the blogskin keep getting screwed. i shall only post when i really feels like it (:

byebye blog. dont be lonely (:

5:06 PM;

Saturday, February 16, 2008

URGHH.. there is something wrong with my blogskin ):

i hate sitting in a air con room when i got running nose. its like so difficult to breathe lah

3:59 PM;

Thursday, February 14, 2008

WHEEE! i am super happy now, finally got my elf concealer and mascara from the blogshop. i ordered quite long ago but now then can meet up :D haha, so niceeee :D
yah lah yah lah, bimbo whatever~ happy then can already (:


): noone give me rose leh. i want! morning is super hectic lah, rushed from sec1 class to another to give out presents. haha, i was in a fluster cause everything is so messy. my post its dropping off and everything. then giok come so late somemore ):

yay (:obviously the wrapped ones are from my sister's friends. haha, so cute but abit useless ):

from kelly :D kenneth low jealous anot? :D HAHAHA. okay, i am mean. but i like :D

yay! i love valentines day <33

KUAKUA. guess who :D

8:11 PM;

Sunday, February 10, 2008

4:23 PM;


WOOOHOOO! yesterday is FUN FUN FUN :D!

haha, my mother's friends and their children came over for a visit. they are all small kids, pri2, pri3 and pri4. so we went down the playground to play ice and water. haha! i think i look mad, running around screaming and my hair flying wildly. haha, then there is this siao guy there keep standing infront of me when i am running. damn irritating lah as it isnt accidental.i know cause i was like excuse me him but he didnt budge until i pushed and shouted at him. then he actually went away laughing? :X

then after steamboat went to vista for yusheng again. the adults had a mini table then we had a bigger table all to ourselves. haha, the five of us didnt even occupy half of the table lah. then ran around playing after eating. running in my heels are super painful and inconvienient. my heels got stuck in the drain :X so in the end i just held my shoes in my hands and ran around barefooted. hahaha. i must have been mad yesterday :O but it is really fun!

so sad lah. not black jack this year ):

12:16 PM;

Saturday, February 9, 2008

i have decided :D getting one pair of coloured contacts. haha, dont ask me what colour! you can all spot when i wear it to school :D school dont ban coloured contacts right? so ridiculous :(

2:05 PM;


:D my fater say i can keep all my angpow money this year! yay! more money for shopping! i got like super alot of things to buy lah!

i conclude that my aunts and my mother is wierd. they say i look nicer with my hair and fringe up cause i look too mature with fringe. haha. at least dont look like primary kid what!

yesterday me and my sister was comparing angpows. haha, i had 1 less than her and have to hunt all over the house for it. i just throw my angpos anywhere lah. like last time i threw my pocket money on the sofa and my mother took it back :/

should i buy coloured contacts? lynette wants to buy leh but it is quite expensive ): $35 for a pair lorh. and i have to use my own money. but i want grey! so cool :D

10:52 AM;

Thursday, February 7, 2008


my mother was really lazy. we went out at around 1 and came back at 5+.. not much angpows this year ): abd the angpows dont even have much money inside. haiz.. i dont think we will be meeeting up with much relatives this year so i might as well give up getting the same amount of angpows as last year.

anyway, i wore a dress and heels today! haha.. i was really excited (: cause it is my first time wearing heels out and i havent wore a dress for like 4 years! but my nail polish started cracking and peeling like mad. damn ugly lah! i will never use cheap nail polish ever.

kuakuakua. CHINESE NEW YEAR! :D

8:09 PM;

Wednesday, February 6, 2008



haha, as a new start to the year, i decided to change my account name from plain june ng to MISS FABULOUS JUNE. nice start isnt it? (: be more ego and confident this year :D yeah!

11:40 PM;


new year is starting soon :D have to go bai nian in in around 16 more hours. haha, i want go my aunt's house see your dogdog (: and my cousin's house to see her new baby (:

hope the new year will lead to better days in 3loyalty. i miss giok ): lessons are damn boring now without her to talk to. seriously, i think i am going to pon lessons more cause it is going to be so boring. i got practically nobody to really talk to in class? no good friends like giok or spastic boey :/ oh well :X maybe i should just keep quiet for the whole 2 years?

i am getting worse and worse! like more and more vain? haha, but i like :D

there is no one online for me to talk to. damn boring lah. this mood is not good to usher in the new year :0 shall find a way to cheer myself up :D haha, i know one sure succeed way to cheer myself up. watch wu zhong zian's show! hahaha. really lorh! no matter how angry or sad i am, everytime i watch his show i sure laugh. laugh until got stomach cramps somemore la. something like this.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAHA. yeah!

what shall i blog about? i shall make this the longest post of my blog :D i think i am wierd :/ i am actually scared of meeting juniors? haha! not really scared.. just um.. feel kind of wierd to meet them? juniors meaning my sister's friends in st. nicks! especially windy! haha, dont know why but she keep smirking at me or something. especially today at causeway! haha, she and yinghui ah.. go and bully me! and i am senior somemore :(

it is still a short post! ahh! my life is erally terrible. i think i made a big mistake choosing elit. i dont understand upper sec elit at all although lower sec elit was a breeze for me. its like i think the teachers are talking rubbish that dont make any sense? oh man,elit test is coming soon. i dont want to fail! i cant fail! i have also got As for elit for the pass two years. my lowest is B3 so i also say this is my best subject. but now? i dont know :/

hahaha! i was reading giok's archives then i saw a really hilarious thing. giok said that she was saving up for a harry potter book and a eye curler.
HAHAHA! eye curler okay!! how do you ever curl her eye? LOL.

felicia chin is pretty :D

i am feeling quite depressed these few days.. maybe i havent been seeing boey or giok very often now? ): noone to make me laugh and happy. actually i am the one that make boey laugh lorh, but dont know why i see her laugh until look so retarded i also feel like laughing. haha. seriously, she look retarded and like a person that escaped from the home for the spastic. kuakua.

my father is mad. he wants to go chinatown NOW. at 11pm. hahaha

this post is random. haha.. half sad half happy. spilt personality? haha

10:10 PM;


it is funny.. do you think hair removing cream or wax strips are more bimbotic? obviously wax srtips right! they hurts so much lah. then why is the retarded person using wax strips saying i am bimbotic? so ridiculous

so damn nice! i am so proud of myself~

haha! i painted then yesterday! *claps for my pretty nails*

hahaha.. i wrote a bimbotic post again without knowing. LOL

9:41 AM;

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I AM BLOGGING AGAIN :D my computer got fixed a few days ago but i cant be bothered. i think i am really bimbo, i take pleasure in checking blogshops and looking at those pretty clothes that i was never buy when i am supposed to be practising for amath test on monday *skips to happier things*

i bought hair removing cream! :D like finally? haha, it worked quite well on me. no itchinees or whatsoever and my legs are now super hairless and sleek looking. SUPER NICE I TELL YOU! and it is quite easy to use and cheap. haha.. i shall teach you all how to use :D

apply the cream thickly over the hairs you want to remove. i was quite xintong when doing this cause you really have to cover the hairs. and my leg is so damn long! i think i used arounf 1/10 of the bottle?

wait 5 minutes :D i was quite scared that there will be a reaction since my skin is quite sensitive.

scrub off the cream and the hair! then rinse. haha, you know the cream is kind of gross when you remove the cream. it became like one big clod and you can see hairs inside! EEEK!

lessons in school are really boring. thats why i dont blog so often nowadays :/ really sian lah, i feel like sleeping in every lesson. except english lah. fat butt isnt really that bad, i like her lessons (: at least they are much more interesting than chinese or math okay?

woooh, i got to go but a top in festive colour really soon

6:54 PM;

Tuesday, January 22, 2008



haha, i made my valentine chocolate list already. fast right? (: i cant wait for v day :D i want chocolates! ahh!

this week and next week are the super stress weeks! biology, emath tests and tingxie this week then amath, chemistry and geography tests next week! omg!

really dont what to blog about lah. gahh, WHATEVER

4:33 PM;

Saturday, January 19, 2008

i just eaten the most digusting waffle i have ever eaten in my whole life ):


the waffle itself is wet and soggy. then the chocolate taste like red bean paste and is very watery. how gross can it get lah

i am kind of high in school this week. haha, i think it is because i am getting stressed :/ 3tests next week not including tingxie! and it is only the 4th week of school? crazyness :X

tuition later. so sian lah :X

2:14 PM;

Thursday, January 17, 2008

i have practically no life. my life is so boring. like wake up, go to school, struggle through boring lessons, go home, do homework and watch tv, sleep and wake up again the next morning. like so mundane! or is it just my mood? i am feeling very verysian these few days so i cheered myself up by flipping through magazines looking at pretty stuff (:

haha, since puah jingwen said i am vain, i shall make this post the vainest post ever. hahaha. i have been borrowing seventeen magazines to read through these 2 days. gosh, the wedges featured inside are really nice! i wantttt! but it is like 1 pair more than 200bucks? ahhh. haha, i made a list of things i need to buy after flipping through so many magazines

1)pure natural nivea caregloss and shine. lip gloss! i shall buy it soon! so nice :D

2)depilatory. haha, last time i always itchy hand go cut my leg hair. haha, when i watch tv last time i will use scissors go cut. and now i am into shorts leh, looks super ugly lah.

3)new eyelash curler. my old one is rusting! yucks!

4)blibk n clean lens drops. for my eyes cause i wear contacts for around 15hours a day!

5) Za concealer. my eyebags are coming out! but this is not very important on my list. shall get it when i am rich

i feel so tempted to get fake nails for new year! i found some really cheap ones but i scared it will look wierd on me leh. i actually wanted to paint my nails but my nails take so long to grow! and i needed to cut when i go for guides.

i think my new class is seriously very crazy. hahaha. really lorh. they are like trying to piggy back each other during the free period. and gwyneth actually sat on brenda lee's shoulders! oh my god lah!

give me wedges!give me pretty tops! give my pretty shorts! give me white bags! i am in need to money! i want to buy alot of things can. more businness come my blogshop! www.shoptillyou-droppp.blogspot.com

i heard that putting teabags over your eyes when you sleep can make your lashes darker and your eyes sparkle. really??

8:46 PM;

Monday, January 14, 2008

super angry just now lah. some idiot went to put soap into my darling asience hair conditioner. actually when i wanted to usei saw the colour like very wierd and it is kind of watery so i opened the bottle. GAHH! the whole thing is soapy! ohmygod..

PEPPER LUNCH! so nice (: haha, i went to fill up the feeback form to say the portion is too small. like quite can, i dont really feel full. just like not hungry anymore :/

5:27 PM;

Sunday, January 13, 2008

woooh.. i feel so relaxed all of a sudden (: good news! my fiesta tickets are officially all sold out! :D haha. my relatives are such nice people. my cousin bought 10 from me which made things so much easier. and of course my mother which bought 6. hahaha. i feel so happy now. cause 3 people actually told me they will buy all my remaining tickets :D so nice!

i keep thinking of prom night just i showered just now. haha, nothing to do mah. i want to grow my hair to my stomach, unrealistically it is new year, realistically it is for prom night. hopefully my mum will let me perm the ends for prom. i like curly long hair! and i was thinking of the makeup. probably just mascara and lip gloss, what else will my mother let me put on? i want to see some people in prom dresses! like jingwen, chuan ping and those more tomboy kind. hahaha. maybe jingwen should start growing her hair with me (: i think short hair looks wierd with dresses.

i suddenly feel likek eating waffles :/ CHEESE WAFFLE! CHOCOLATE WAFFLE!
um.. i am looking for a shoulder bag for school online. best is puma or lecoqsportif! they are much nicer (: best is below 25bucks lah, i dont mind if it is not authenetic. actually non authenetic puma does look better than the real one, i dont know why :/

i feel so lazy now ): i dont want go school tomorrow leh. hehe, since my sister is behind me i shall talk about nanyang :D



haha, long post so i shall not post for tomorrow unless there is something very very interesting. tatas

7:46 PM;


haizz.. i shall not reply tags since i am feeling lazy. my eyes are swollen! i cried too much these few days over the fiesta coupons lah. it is like so damn complicated. my cousin want to buy $100 from me, my aunt scold me for wasting her money. my mother want to buy abit from me abit from my sister's friend, then my aunt say she is going to tell everyone not to buy from me. SIAO ANOT LAH!

i am currently in a pink and sparkle phase or whatever you call it. suddenly i love pink and diamonds so much! i think they are really pretty so i wasted alot of money buying diamondy keychains and the sparkly stickers to stick. haha.

i got alot of pre pimples on my forehead! all because of my fringe. hahaha. but they would turn into actual pimples cause i keep scatching them when i wash my face :/ cant stand that feeling.

i am seriously thinking at closing this blog. i dont feel like bloggin anymore :X

1:11 PM;

Thursday, January 10, 2008

wah. i havent blogged for quite some time cause my computer died on me. so i am now using my father's laggy comp. at least it is better than my computer that always shut down for no reason. i guess it is because my father dont download any stuf.

i have been quite busy these few days lah. monday was phototaking for the secondonary 4 certificate thing. WALAO. the phototaker damn unprofessional can. the first time i took i smiled abit. then he go and mumble something under his breath so i was like huh? and he took!! AH!! he took me saying huh lah. how stupider can it get lorh. but the phototaking was also quite embarrassing since it is like everyone in the same room watching you take? AHH.

tuesday i had to go orchard to service my phone with lynette cause i cant recieve any msgs. it is so ridiculous lah. the service is so lousy. just to leave down your phone and particulars need so long meh? and half of the counters there are like empty. why dont they hire more people since they have so many counters. i was really hungry by then and if not for the mr bean chow i would be exploded. but i shouldnt complain actually. lynette was worse off then me since she dont need to be there actually. haha
wednesday i went back to orchard to get my phone by myself. i was super lucky this time! only had to wait for like 10 minutes and i saw a super pretty phone there! it is a PINK w850i! so nice!!!! ahhh!!! i spotted it from quite far away and ran there. haha. ohh, and wednesday was LESHIA TAN's and DANICA's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (:

and then today! i rushed home right after cause i actually wanted to take a nap. but in the end i ended up in front of the computer. sad.. my eyebags are getting quite obvious. AND I GOT A PIECE OF GOOD NEWS! :D you know the HSK thing we took last year, i actually scored very well for it. 380/400 so GRADE A. oh gosh, i cant believe it lah. june is so clever (: and i actually scored full marks for one section! haha. but now people think i am like those smart smart kind :/

hmm.. our teachers seem to be better than thoselousy teachers i had in sec1 and 2. maybe they reserve the better teachers for sec3 and 4 so we can do better for olevels. i think these two years i should be able to concentrate better in class since i dont really have anyone to talk to. i will be bored but maybe this will help in my studies better? why is everyone saying their classes are very quiet? i think mine is super noisy. wierdness :/ the lessons are so far so good (: i can catch up with what the teacher is teaching and there is not much homework yet.

whee¬ long blog post today (: i actually have more things to blog about but i dont want to post them here. maybe i will set up a locked blog and blog them there. haha, in that way i can also bitch about people without anyone feeling hurt! it is really quite difficult to keep things inside and not bitch. so instead of bitching to other people, i might as well bitch to myself! hahas! quite a good idea (:

4:40 PM;

Saturday, January 5, 2008

campfire last night was quite fun actually though i was super tired. my bones are like aching when i woke up this monday. kind of like muscle ache after you exercise alot. i got no idea why since i just stood there to sing. haha..

changed into guides uniform and and met at the new specs stand at 3.30. but there was nothing for us to do until 4++. then we had briefing and went for dinner until 6. rushed to the field to spread the sheets for the sec1s to sit. then the sec1s started coming down at around 6.50 so i went to usher them with other reserves. being a reserve sucks lah. i think being actually in charge of a class is more fun.
in the end i stood with beverly, jamie and siaoyi at 1 wisdom since they are sitting at the end. and there is this wierd charm thing stuck on the ground. it is like garlic and chilli on a satay stick. haha! it is to keep the rain away one leh! so wierd :/ but it worked (: anyway, there was alot alot of fuss when the sec1s are sitting. cause it is just after rain and there are alot of the bugs and crickets on the sheets. then i was super brave! i used my glove to sweep them away! WOW (: actually i was scared of touching it but since i am wearing gloves then never mind (:
but the china scholars sat there too with the 1 wisdom girls and they are like super not enthu. maybe because they are sec3 already and find this rather stupid? they even keep playing with their handphone and stuff. tsk tsk. some of them even lay down like sun bathing like that lah. i feel so tempted to shout at them that there are crickets behind. haha! then the campfire started :D haha. the fire went abit out of control cause the grass started burning too. haha. then the regular campfire songs. i cant shout one can. it is like my shout came out very hoarse and kind of like a wolf howling :/ but i acted enthu lah. like trying to sing louder and clapping away. but it is kind of useless to clap though since we are wearing gloves then there is no sound. but i enjoy shouting at the sec1s to stand up :D FUN!! then we had to share a bottle of water lah. super werd can since i am sharing with my gamemaster which i dont really kndnow. sec 2 leh!

then the campfire ended at around 9. after the sec 1s left, we cleared up the sheets and went home at 10 (: i reached home at 10.30 and hurry go bathe. my legs are like caked with dry mud and dont know what. then fell into a deep deep sleep :D

5:29 PM;

Thursday, January 3, 2008

OH MY GOD!!! some of my new classmates think that i look fierce! oh my god lah! this is the first time people say i look fierce! so wierd. and they thought i emo somemore leh! like since when am i emo?? i am just abit quiet cause there is noone to crap to. and my face fierce meh? it is my normal face when i never smile can! i think nobody in school had seen me fierce before lorh. you want to see me fierce you should come my house when i am in my bad mood. haha! i will scream at you when you cry.

being a singleader is super tiring. and kind of embarassing too cause i dont really know the lyrics. and i always sing out of tune. hahaha. and i saw 3 of joanne's ex classmates. i think their names are wuennee, rachel and tessa. haha. i think wuennee and rachel are very funny lah. but not very enthu hor? i didnt see them dancing at all.

i am super busy the next few days. tomorrow i got to stay in school till 10.30pm until the campfire finishes. super sian lah. then saturday is cca day so have to go back school again. TIRING :0

4:54 PM;

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL is boring ): i hardly know anyone in the class lah, how to talk. lessons are super sian after the long holidays. haha. the only good thing is my seat. i can look directly into 3faith classroom and see giok. anyway, the day passed super boringly. BLAH!

after school, i chionged to toa payoh to get white shades from another blogshop owner and pass a top to a buyer of my blogshop. i was late lah, cause i left school at like 2.30? but my sister say the shades look wierd on me leh ): so mean.

the teachers are scaring me! they say sec3 is the hardest year :/ so scary lah. must buck up on my studies!

5:18 PM;

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


-naughty by nature
-if you dont have enemies, you dont have character.
-always late, but worth the wait!
-im single. just dont tell my boyfriend.
-i'll try being nicer if you try being smarter.
-i may be a flirt but your boyfriend likes it.
-shopping cures depression.
-diet starts today.
-men have feelings too! (just kidding)
-do i make you look fat?
-im the evil queen
-i am a princess, i just forgot my tiara
-saw it. wanted it. threw a tantrum. got it.
-trust me, im a girl.
-smile if you like me.
-tender love and care makes life worth living.
-give me something to scream about.
-if i throw you a stick will you go away?
-51% single.
-i'll be your future you'll be my past
-im bitchy on days ending with y
-hazel eyed hottie
-explain to me again why i need a boyfriend
-bad girl in good wrapping
-someday my prince charming will come
-hand over the chocolate and nobody gets hurt
-hand over the lollipop and nobody gets hurt
-why are all the good man either married or gay.
-nobody is perfect, im nobody
-single and available.
-mind your own business and stop reading my t-shirt.
-i stole this shirt from a homeless guy, why he had a shirt that said this i'll never know.
-#1 shopping queen

credits to http://temp0shop.blogspot.com/

so funny lah! i took it from the preorder list for slogan tees. haha! i like the always late but worth the wait one and if i throw you a stick will you go away one! haha!

6:59 PM;



first day of 2008 has been quite boring for me. chionging homework, packing schoolbag and ironing uniform :/ i am so not looking forward to tomorrow lah, wonder how i can wake up on time tomorrow. i have been waking at like 11 for 2 months already?

i found my first customer for my blogshop. not too bad i guess, it has been 1 week already. but now school started where got time for meetups? haiya, super ma fan

my new year resolutions are quite simple. just no computer 1 week before major exams, study for tests 2 days in advance and stop putting things off. and try to not miss any guide session like last year.

have a nice 2008 :D

6:14 PM;

Monday, December 31, 2007

gosh gosh gosh! i am a super terrible person! i missed up the dates and forgot that jane's birthday was yesterday! i thought it was today! ohmygod! that means i thought that yesterday was 29th and today was 30th. stupid stupid me lah! omg, jane, i am super sorry ): anyway, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! hahas, time really flies. i think we knew each other since primary2? WOW :D

today is already the last day of 2007. i think my 2007 has been quite eventful (: i got to know many good friends including giok and had quite a good time. hope my 2008 will be as nice :D

blogger sucks! yesterday i typed out a super long post about working at kovan and it cant be published or saved. damn irritating lah.

BA CHOR MEE!! it is super nice! i like it with alot alot of lard. it is so super crispy and fragant :D dont know why some people hates it because it is so fattening. fattening eat already then exercise lorh, big deal meh? but some cook until the noodles super soggy then i eat before one is never put vinegar. so stupid can. never put vinegar also counted as ba chor mee meh? so one of my new year resolutions will be to find the nicest ba chor mee in singapore :D i think the one is northpoint is not too bad.

my sister went for a haircut for new year! :D she looks super wierd now, her fringer is damn thick and straight across, kind of like bowl cut. haha! it is partially her fault lah, everything the hairdresser ask she also say anything. like how to get a nice haircut like this! *shakes head*

have a nice year ahead! :D

7:51 PM;

Saturday, December 29, 2007

ahh!! working at heartland mall tomorrow! damn it damn it!

6:59 PM;


ahhh!! actually i got super alot of blog about but after nagging at my sister to get off the comp, i forgot all about it. damn stupid lah. forget it.

i have an obsession with pink stuff this few days. haha, i bought quite a lot of keychains to hang on my phone too. dont know why leh, i find pink quite a lovely colour this few days. especially pink digital devices! so nice lah! omg, it is like sooo pretty!

pretty N73! so pretty lah! i came across it in some magazine and i love it so much!

how chio! :D

my favourite shade of pink! YAY!

many people did get a birthday present this year.. so sad ): but now i shall place a list of things that i want in case you feel regretful and want to get me a present! it is never too late :D

1) shades! white will be nice (: and since my face is quite round, must get those bigger, squarish kind. hehe

2) flats! my shoe size is 37! :D

3) white shorts! size 26/27! which is like damn sad! lynette say she is 24!

4) eyelash curler! my old one abit rusty already :/

all right, i guess noone will bother cause they are so expensive. i shall save up money and get them myself.

4:20 PM;

Friday, December 28, 2007

i am super busy over the blogshop. got to post pictures and recommend it at other blogshops.

anyway, lollipop necklaces are so cute! :D i like how they desogn it, with the cute ribbon at the stick!

can you all stop sending me spam mail? it is freaking irriating when i am waiting for mail. GAH!!

11:04 PM;


WHOOO.. i did a super shocking thing yesterday! i emailed ms chan! yeah, our principal! shocking anot? :D i was requesting for a change of class but she didnt reply me. GAH! so nervous lah. i wonder if she will scold me or something..

i didnt update this few days coz i wasnt in a very good mood. plus i am busy helping my mother to open a blogshop. hahas. she said she will give me 30% commision so why not? :D anyway, it is up already! www.shoptillyou-droppp.blogspot.com MUST LINK HOR!

he is cute! :D i like his fringe!

he is cute too! :D my mother is also super gaga over him! she always say if she is the yoohee, she will sure choose him coz he is so damn handsome. haha!


1:25 PM;

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

AHH!! class is out :o MY GOD LAH, it is like so horrible. i am in the same class as so many people i dont like :/ sucks lah.

totally no mood to do anything now.

i am in 3L :X like how? no close friends in there. die die

11:53 AM;

Monday, December 24, 2007

ah.. i want to change my name ): names starting with J is like so common lah, i want something unique like Q. but the only name i can think of starting with Q is queenie which sounds kind of wierd :/

i am going to meet two more blogshop owners later for my stuff. like omg can, i spent so much already. counting today's stuff, i already bought 3tees and 1 pair of shorts online. gosh. but it is still worth it! :D coz the average prize is around 9bucks only? super cheap :D

i barely started on my homework.. how? ): what day are we supposed to report to school anyway?

10:15 AM;

Sunday, December 23, 2007

:D i just got back from causeway. i went there with joanne to meet this person. i ordered this tee from them which is like damn super cheap! only $5 and with transportation fee it is only $7! it is a super cute mickey tee lah! i tried it on just now, it is really very comfortable. but the colour is abit wierd. turqoise leh. i have never bought a tee this colour. hahas.

www.that-blogshop.blogspot.com <-----

gogo! the person reply fast and is really friendly! great blogshop :D

i am really tired though i didnt do much homework yet. i spent almost 3hours yesterday altering my new pinafore. it is really long so i had to hem it up which used 2hours and then change the position of the button and hook. they are really mad can. the hook bar is like right at the back. who is that skinny lah?

i am super obssesed with blogshopping these few days. damn, i think my mother is going to kill me if she knows it.

okay, bye :D!

4:50 PM;

Friday, December 21, 2007

blogged 2 times in less than 5minutes! :D LOL.

anyway, i just remembered this. my sister's friend who is going to st.nicholas next year called herself a st.nicholor. or something like that. i cant remember the exact name lah. but it is so ridiculous. i think it sounds super retarded ):

i am not a st.nicholor but i am a st.nicholas GIRL.

5:46 PM;


my right leg really hurts today. like having cramps or something.. i think it is because i walked too much yesterday with i am shopping with my sister. my sister hor, very naughty leh. she told my mum she bought her 2 tops and 1 skirt for $50 when the actual price is $75. but she is right to do this lah. my mum is kind of siao. she expected my sister to get ALL her new year clothes including shoes for 50bucks. like how crazy is that?

anyway, I LOVE BLOGSHOPPING :D it is so so so so fun and convienient. not to mention the prices. all damn cheap lah. i just spent 3hours browsing through blogshops :D i feel so tempted to buy but i scared my mother scold. haha. CONTROL CONTROL :D

anyway, i am looking for white shorts at the blogshops but i cant find any :/ if any blogshop owners see this, the price must be $15 or below or my mum will kill me. second hand is fine if the condition is good.

ahh.. i didnt do any homework today lah. how? got to buck up already since next week is like last week of holidays :X

9:30 AM;

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

argh.. my blogskin is totally screwed. i dont know how to do the codes anymore. does it look worse than before? ): i hate the colour combination :/

4:13 PM;


it is offical already. my sister is going to be a member of the nanyang girls' family. hahas. i dont know what to say lah,since i dont really like nanyang. but sould be quite fun for her since so many of her close friends are going with her.

five of her class people are going st. nicks. hahas, i dont like one of them :X hope she is not as shit as her brother lah. but leshia is going to st. nicks too :D she is my sister best friend and she told me to take good care of her. haha! funny, how to take good care of her? :/

and so many boys from my sister's class is going ot catholic high.. arghh.. i dont like that school. dont they know it is a school for irritating people? ):

okay, it is homework time now :D

1:28 PM;


the rest of this week gonna be homework, homework and more homework. AHHH. and not only schoolwork, my mum wants me to do some practice for sec2 and sec3.
i am like damn sick of hoilday life. I WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL NOW. at least i think i will be better then cooped up at home doing work. i think school should alternate holidays and schooldays. like maybe 2 or 3 days of school then i days of holiday? i think it will be much better then a few months if school then 1 long month of holidays.

okay, about yesterday with lynette and jinnee :D okay, first we went bugis to eat ajisen ramen and then trained to orchard, far east. we keep walking and walking there for hours. like 3 rounds for every level? the clothes there are not really my type so have to look very carefully. so in the end bought like 1 pair of flats and a top. the flats got heels one leh :D hehe. but i dont think i will wear it very often. lucky it is like quite cheap :D $15 for a pair of mondo shoes! quite cheap right? :D

i want to go shopping again. havent even bought my new year stuff :X

12:13 PM;

Monday, December 17, 2007

kua kua kua... haha! i love this phrase! :DDD haha. i keep saying this these few days. it sounds nice (:

okay, i just recieved a spam email that sounds kind of ridiculous. it says 6men raped a 9 month old baby...

how do you rape a baby? it is like so impossible? A BABY LEH!!! cannot walk or talk? it is like so freaky lah! and 6 men somemore?

the world is like such a wierd place

1 baby and 6 men??? OMG!! i still think it sounds stupid!

i am so bored ): what websites do you go to when you are bored?? tell me :D

my nosy sister is standing behind me so i shall blog about her! HAHAHA!

she is very short but keep thinking that she is tall. hahaha! and she keep insisting that she is TALL! like my foot! she is force feeding me bread now. haha! i cant believe she is going to be sec 1 next year. sooo childish. tsk.

she is really addicted to runscape nowadays. seriously lah, i wonder what is so fun about that. it looks like a boy boy kind of game to me :/ but my dearest sister spends like 3-5 hours everyday playing?

okay, thats all. i shall update when there are more interesting things

3:54 PM;


i wonder who read my blog... blah, i cant even think of 5 people.

more blogging tomorrow! cause i am going SHOPPING :D real shopping with lots of clothes waiting for me to buy!!


1:11 PM;

Saturday, December 15, 2007


GO THAT LINK!! GOGO!! haha! i just found my favourite necklace! (:

that link will take you to the sk jewellery website and you just scroll to the side until you see stephanie sun in the orange top. click of it and it will bring you to a picture with sparkling huge diamonds. click 2 more times! if you click the correct number of times, you should see like 3 necklaces on your computer screen. the most left one :D the ribbon one with diamonds! I WANT IT :D i really think it looks very nice! pity the picture cant be saved and i cant find any other pictures on the web.

haha! i think noone will do this :/ BUT ANYWAY, I LOVE THAT NECKLACE!

5:53 PM;


i am super bored now ): i think the most interesting thing that happened to me today was that i had tution. seriously lah, my mum is like so kiasu. school havent even started and she already got me a tutor to teach me sec3 stuff. i think it is my eoy results that got her worried. haha.

anyway, my tution was really early today. 10am ): i was planning to wake at 830 to prepare but i only forced myself to wake up at 9.30. haha. i slept super late yesterday leh, 12++ okay! lucky the tution was at my house (: tution was boring plus boring. i keep yawning lah! lik i cant help it. my brain is totally dead in the morning. haha! then i changed tution time to 2 next week :D

i know my life is boring ): everyone got more things to do then me :/

jessica alba! she looks super pretty in 8days! it is only a small picture about the movie review "good luck chuck" but she really look gorgeous in that! i dont think she look very pretty here lah but this is the only acceptable picture i found of her. she seem quite fond of taking indecent pictures :X but still, you must go buy this week's 8days and take a look!

pretty?? PRETTY?? :D

haha! i took this quiz that says that i am a literature nerd! shows that i chose the correct combination (pure elit) :DDDDDD

3:31 PM;

Friday, December 14, 2007

haha, i got this urge to go out yesterday night so i thought i will go buy my math textbook that i left out last time. i think it is because i have been doing homework the whole of yesterday. haha. actually i was thinking of going back to st. nicholas to get that book but i suddenly remembered this morning.. POPULAR GOT STOCK THAT BOOK. wheew, lucky i wasnt stupid enough to go all the way back to st. nicks for that book. heng :D

so i slept until 12.15 today morning then ate lunch and went causeway point. haha! i was surprised when i saw the time! i thought it was only 10? which was the usual time i wake up. first went popular and asked a nice salesman to help me find that book. then watson for my asience conditioner. ASIENCE IS REALLY NICE :D it works super well for my hair so this is like my 4th bottle already. ohh, and i saw this super wonderfull mascara. MAYBELLINE NEW YORK INTENSE! yeah, it is like the most fantastic mascara i ever saw. one side is like creamy lavender which extends youe lashes up to 60% and the other side is black which increase the volume up to 10times. WOW. good right! it is just like fake eyelashes can! and it is only $19.90 :D which is like super cheap? but my mum will sure kill me if i get it. PUII!

i feel much happier after going out :D anyone want to go out call me :D i am going bnkers at home :X

4:22 PM;

Thursday, December 13, 2007


in case you dont know what happened, i just cheated you (;


so bye! hehe

5:30 PM;

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

hello! i went out today with mum and sister to orchard. my mum want to spend finish her isetan vounchers so we went to help her :D but i cant really find anything i find there lorh.. so i just bought a pair of brown shorts. my sister very shuang lah! she bought a new casio watch leh! $140 (: but she and my mum wants to keep it from my dad cause her will scold. haha. oh, and i saw a super nice colour of nail polish in isetan! it is like so pretty can! wonderfully beautiful! haha! i shall go get it some time soon :D but sure very expensive one lah. it is like damn class can.

then trained to tampiness mall. walao. i was straving on the mrt can. like my stomach was really very painful lah. SEOUL GARDEN FOR DINNER :D super yummy (: i ate so much chicken lorh! curry, teriyaki ... so many different flavours (: my mum took like so many plates to cook? after eating the chicken i have no more space in my stomach for the sushi and dim sum lorh ): and i wanted to try all the different flavour icecream! got 6 leh! but my mother lah! make me so full. and i was sitting at the suayest position can. all the smoke is like blowing right at me. my mum put a bowl of mushroom soup in front of me and after a few minutes, you can see black dots splattered over the soup. haha! it ia the burnt bits lah. and i stink after i left that place can. even my bag ): lucky no dogs chased me and my sister leh! we smell like their dinner lorh (: my mum was the only lucky one that sast at the no-smoke-blow position.

then my sister went to the wallet shop to buy her lesportif school bag. haha! lucky lucky girl! i also bought my pencilcase there (: i like the design but i dont like the colour. i wanted white but my mother dont let me get it. hahas. she was scared it ended up like my billabong pencilcase. so in the end i had to get the brown one ):


my cousin from china came to my house to stay! he has been in singapore for 2 year already to study, previously staying in a rented room with another guy. but apparently he got into a fight with that guy who made his right arm bones crack or something. so my mum is really angry and he came here to stay. and my mum is like threatening to sue him. haha! bone crack only leh! like please lorh! we got alot of money let her anyhow go sue people meh. retarded. but he come and stay is super inconvienient leh ): though he stay in his room most of the time, he is really very quiet and introvent that kind. haha! he only come out to eat and shit. only 1 word to describe: CREEPY


10:08 PM;

Monday, December 10, 2007

whee (: i am drinking milo now :D brewed by the professional milo brewer called june ng :D
so envy me those that feel like drinking milo now :D haha

i am looking or a blogskin now but hor, so hard to find lah! it is like, totally dont have i like that kind. and i am so sick of my current blogskin can!



ohh, i found this blogskin by lionheart that looks super gorgeous but got navigations which i dont like. aiyoh, another one that i kind but the colour combination sucks.

haha! finally found a nice blogskin! i saved the codes already! shall edit it another day. hahas. my sister has been nagging at me to get off the comp.


8:53 PM;


super duper bored ): last week was my last week of working already! my mum wants me to concentrate on my studies ): NO MORE MONEY EARNING! i will be like damn broke after shopping spree luh!

list of what i need :D

FLATS! to go with my new year dress!
BAG! small one for new year angpows!
SCHOOLBAG! my mum refuses to get one for me ):
PENCILCASE! my old one is like totally cannot be used. haha!
TOPS! at least 4 for my pathetic wardrobe!
BOTTOMS! at least 3! i prefer shorts :D

cant think of anymore things :D hopefully my budget will be enough! haha

okay, i shall blog about something less bimbo :D i think hot showers doesnt do me good! my imagination becomes so wild when i am bathing lorh. i think it is the steam. really, i think of super wierd things? haha.

i went to buy books just now with lynette. first went to j8 to eat. MOS CORN SOUP :D havent eaten that for so long luh! super nice :D and then yumi yohurt! haha. i got the medium size one since i am super hungry. hahas. that auntie love me lots luh. like so super alot of toppings? they keep falling out when i try to eat can! and that lynette still shake me =.=

i am so retarded luh! like i am going to buy books but i forgot the booklist?? haha! lucky lynette remembered :D the books are damnn heavy luh. like 20kg?? OMG. 3 thick thick mathematics books can. i think i will die of overstress in sec 3 ): lucky lynette's dad was kind enough to send me home in the car. i cant even go up a flight of stairs properly with that load lah! but lynette kind of resemble a robot when she walk carrying that box. HAHA.

i am very confused by many different confusing things :/

4:55 PM;

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

haha. i dont know what to blog about actually..

except i think my sister is mad. she everyday stay at home, cry, play computer and read harry potter. no wonder she got sore eye =.=

7:49 PM;

Sunday, December 2, 2007

wah, my sister is sibeh rich. she spent 40bucks on her christmas gifts for 5 people. it is like almost 10bucks per person! or should i just say she is generous? lucky i never exchange with her or she die already. haha. i am such a nice sister :D and hor, my that super dot sister say the next time she get her christmas gifts she is going to go check the prices. and why??


7:26 PM;

Saturday, December 1, 2007

i bought a new deodorant! :D okay, i bought a deodorant, not a new one since i dont even have one beforehand. anyway, introducing ADIDAS FRUITY RHYTHM! i lovw the smell so much luh. okay, ever since i bought it, i sprayed it in the public toilets, my blanket, my clothes, my hair and my wardrobe! i love it that much :D the sweet is just so sweet luh. i like to spray at my hair especially! just abit and when the wind blows, there is this nice scent (:

my sister keeping telling my aunt and mother i want to jian fei. actually i dont really want to lose weight, just to slim down my thighs and make me stomach flatter. so i decided! i shall skip 100 times and hula hoop for 15 minutes every 2 days if not everyday. hehe. i think i am super smart. i pressed hard on my hula hoop so it became like oval. and i can use it to skip :D coz i cant find any skipping ropes. hahas.

ohh, i am going northpoint to work whole of next week. i know alot of people live near there one lorh, MUST MUST go find me lorh. but must inform me beforehand coz i might not be there sometimes. hahas.

3:32 PM;

Friday, November 30, 2007


working at loyang point for the past 4days are super tiring ): cause it is so far far away and i got cough. but quite nice overall :D alot of talking and laughing. hahas. super hilarious i tell you. st. nicks is so not fun compared to other schools ): made a new friend that sold bags next to my stall. hahas. she is 13 but i think she is much more mature than me :0 she is super friendly and nice luh. and super super cheerful lorh. i see her hor, everyday smile smile laugh =.= abit like siao dingdong. hahas. but after seeing her, i think i am very childish. like i am too protected already so i dont know alot of things. she is like abit like gangster that kind? but she is still very nice to me :D when her friends come to visit her, she told me to dont care them and dont be scared of them. coz they have alot of piercings that kind. =.=

my aunt sucks luh. she also nag at me no matter what i do. so i am very happy to be at work when she is at my house (: hehe. the good thing is she will be going back tomorrow when i am not working. ohh, you know what is the funny thing? when i say tamade i get scolded. when my sister say walao, she doest. *sulk*


*sulks* but my mother wont let me buy. irritating leh. someone get it for me so my mother wont be able to do anything about it. hehe

when are we going to know our class? i dont want go certain classes :X

got a big big shock today at punggol plaza. ask me via sms o face to face. 吓死我 :X

okayy, my life is boring shit

oh yah! i thought of a new way to earn money! teach tution :D for p1 - p4 cause it will be like quite easy. my mother was like suggesting $15 bucks 1 hour. and she know quite a few parents with young kids (: she say people sure want me if i tell them i from st nicks. LOL. but what to teach huh?

7:58 PM;

Sunday, November 25, 2007

new phone :D

w910i is very nice! hahas. pretty pretty. my sister is jealous! but i just dont like the flat flat keypad. so freaking hard to type lorh. maybe i should try cutting short nails? hmm..

i must really thank my china relatives for this! my mother sent my old phone to them so i can buy a new one :DD but i must to pay $100 for myself. must to work work work again :/

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :D new phone is loveeeeee

4:57 PM;

Saturday, November 24, 2007

sometimes i just think that life is so unfair.

okay, nothing bad actually happened today but still BAD MOOD.

gosh, my aunt keep trying to fatten me up. and i am like trying to lose weight? didnt she see me shaking the hula hoop everyday ): anyway, i ate a big big bowl of porridge at 12 for lunch and another bowl at 4 now she wants me to eat again :X it is only 7 luh! and it is just because she cooked too much, thats why.

I WANT TO SLIM DOWN ): 45kg is my ideal weight (: got to shake off 2 kg unless i shot up to 162cm.

who can go east coast with me to cycle? ohh, working at punggol plaza from next monday to sunday. northpoint from next next monday to sunday. feel free to go find me :D

6:47 PM;

Friday, November 23, 2007

all my good modd ruined by my mum ): okayy.. actually i was super happy after the movie with giok and went to meet my mum and sister at the mrt station. HERO is nice (: then my mother started yakking about my sister psle grades again. i know getting 265 is fantastic but she dont have to talk about it every second right? and she even called up everyone she knew to tell them my sister's results. neighbours, friends, relatives.. even my relatives in china know about it by yesterday. and my neighbours knew before my sister even returned home. omg. and now she is going at me to reward my sister for her good results coz i am working. she think i am very rich huh? my mum already gave her $200 and i am supposed to give more?

then at orchard when i was thinking about the movie and smiling away, she was like " what are you smiling at? you look idiotic" or something along this line. and of course my sister had to add in " thinking about her boyfriend lorh" and these wiped the smile off my face and i went home with a frown. then when i reached home, she said again " why are you looking as if i owe you something?" okay, you are the one that told me to stop smiling and now you are also not happy.

FINE. I AM SO SICK OF EVERYTHING. shall blog about today with giok later when i am in a good mood

6:07 PM;

Thursday, November 22, 2007


is this year p6s so clever??!! highest for psle is 294! oh gosh. how to achieve this you tell me?

i am still in shock. my sister got so clever one meh? 265 leh!

1:20 PM;

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

watching this show on channel 8 now. jeanice looks like fiona xie i think. i dunno why too but seeing fiona just reminded me of jeanice :/ i havent seen her for ages though, 1 year? but i like jeanette more (: she is so sweet and pretty.

8:36 PM;


gosh, i havent smiled for ages. i miss school and friends luh. i will smiling away yesterday cause i will thinking of vivian and her videos. hahas. super funny lorh. and i remembered the time me and giok was presenting the resilience project in front of the whole class. og my gosh, we are like giggling and giggling away luh. no breath to talk aleady lorh. but we are giggling at no reason! it seemed funny still (:

shall go cycling later to burn off fats :D guess how heavy i am? 47KG!!!!! oh gosh, and i am like not even 160cm??? at least i dont look that fat right? haha!

2:16 PM;

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CUSTOMER: you very pretty hor
ME: no larh.. *fake smile*
CUSTOMER: your eyes very big leh
ME: really? *BIG BIG GRIN*

hehe. finally found someone that said that my eyes are BIG! yayness (: big eyes love love!

went to check eyesight today to make new pair of contacts. SUPER WOW CAN. my eyesight only worsen by like 20degrees? haha! usually it will be at least 50degrees can. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! contact lens does halp my eyesight (: then i convieniently asked the person how much is acuvue define which makes you eyes bigger. and it is $120 per month. damn expensive can. cause you have to change everyday. $120 leh! i buy for 1 year 14pairs only $130 can.


7:36 PM;

Saturday, November 17, 2007

third time i blogged today :/ but i had this crazy urge to blog so why not? (:

i miss my pole ): you know there is a row of poles from the zebra crossing outside st. nicks which are labelled with numbers. it will be number 12 all the way to 18 at the tracffic lights. everytime after school i will walk pass number 13 pole and wave to it. somehow it will make me feel very happy :/ i know this sounds wierd but i really it. i wish it is just outside my house so i can go wave to it now ):

i want to marry a star. hahas. not your superstar but twinkle twinkle little star that star. a star looks so pretty twinkling away in the dark sky luh. pretty and mysterious. i want to cuddle it although it looks very sharp :/ you know how they draw star with the five pokey points. anyway, stars are so nice! especially northstar! it is like so big and shiny you know, like the king of the stars. if i married the northstar i will be the queen of stars! WOW.

okay, i know i am not making any sense here.

8:22 PM;



hahas. i just thought of it but it sounds so fun! can change shell one leh! so cute :D but for me for my birthday next day okay? (:

oh man, it seems like there are so many bitches in clb :/ horrible horrible

3:56 PM;


THIS IS MY 150th POST! lets clap 150 times for this special event :D hahas.

i think i am a quite shallow person sometimes. i love pretty things and pretty people. if i first meet you, my first thought will sure be " are you pretty anot" if you are pretty to me, i will like you alot. unless you do something really bad luh. i will thinking just now, if someone disfigured me, he should make me blind as well. i will go crazy if i look at my disfigured face in the mirror everyday.really lorh. last time i got such a horrible haircut, i cried everytime i look into the mirror :/ oh gosh, i tink there is some serious problems with me. hahas.

END OF POST! tatas :D

2:58 PM;

Friday, November 16, 2007

SUPER HAPPY TODAY :D school is love!

even math in the morning wasnt too bad. the two teachers made 2 1/2 hours pass faster than clement tan's 1 hour.

i couldnt stop grinning when i met up with gloria and giok in the canteen. i think i am mad luh, smiling and smiling away. but i really feel very happy to talk and laugh with their again. oh man, i will miss them so much next year :X

prize presentation was boring :/ yeah, i didnt get a single prize ): but it is super high standard! so cannot rally blame me (: i cant believe there are such genius in st nicks though.

connexio is great :D i love ths year theme for the teachers man. hahas. i think it is informal or something. but linwenwei look super funny! haha! he is like acting cool or something luh. and that chinese teacher! with her butt sticking out and and the act cute or whatever expression. almost died laughing :D

i bought a new lipbalm but i got cheated out of my $6+ leh. WALAO. damn not nice to use lorh. it is super hard, super not oily and make my lips purple. i want to kill them can. it is like a lipstick then the description write until so nice. RAWR. but at least it is pretty. it is slim and looks really classy (: now both my lipbalm are nivea which is actually not that good. and somemore so frigging expensive lorh :/ i think i will try vaseline water therapy next time. grace said that it was not bad (:

hahas. one long paragraph on lipbalm. i tink i am ridiculous

working at bukit panjang tmr. feel free to go find me :D

8:29 PM;

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


everyone seem to be shopping everyday but me? i am stuck at the place working. especially that giok ar.. reading her blog makes me so jealous. i want go shopping too! *sulks*

i love my nails man :D

can you see the light reflected? i painted it :D so prettaye right (: lovelove!

btw, anyone knows what time we must report in school on friday?

6:51 PM;

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


it is so boring and _____ . i almost fell aslepp there can. it is so quiet luh. who wants to go find meeee. i treat you to drink :D but you must stay there for at least 1hr.i will be at woodlands mart till sunday. take 964 from woodlands interchange!

nothing nothing nothing to say. yes i know, i am a boring girl :(

who wants to go shopping with me? i want to buy tops, shorts and bags! not to mention 2 sets of new year clothes :D i think i will have around $300 saved up by next week. yay (:

6:49 PM;

Monday, November 12, 2007

second post of the day but whatever. i might not feel like blogging for a long long time. who knows (:

i tried looking for a new blogskin just now but it is so hard to find. kinds of put me off ): but i shall not bother myself with this bog anymore :D then i wanted to sign up for facebook but when i arrived at the login page i closed the window again :/ no idea what to do on facebook since i dont like putting pictures of myself online. tell me something to do please :/ i am like so sick of surfing people's blogs over again and again.

hmmm.. nothing to blog about now :/ i think it is so cool how people can always say they have nothing to blog about but type out a long long post out of nothing. it is like magic :D i always used to think " hey! i could blog this!" and start planning out the entire post but forget about the whole damn thing when i am finally in front of the comp. CRAZY MAD JUNE ): i want to go shopping next week :/ like really buy clothes and not just stupid window shopping. i think i will have enough money by next week coz i will be working whole of this week? :D

tata (:

7:43 PM;


I WANT LONG EYELASHES!! *stomps feet* after all i have done for my eyelashes, it is still so frigging short. RAWR. in fact, i quote from my sister " wow, your eyelashes are as long as leshia's" you mean after i apply that vatamin thing that cost 20bucks everyday it is only as long as hers??! PATHETIC!
so i used google search machine to find how to make youe eyelashes grow. an di found this!

VASELINE! it seem to have worked for many people but how come i have never heard of this method before? it will make your eyelashes drop and longer one will grow :D but i dont think i will try this :/ how the hell to get vaseline

BOOOOOOOOOOO ): no more hope for my poor poor eyelashes alrready :X

3:45 PM;

Friday, November 9, 2007


i got into C1b ss + geog!

yay (:

it is like my first choice can. i cant believe i am so lucky despite my results. god must have loved me so much :D

whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D

9:25 PM;


YAY (: I AM BACK FROM HK :D SINGAPORE IS STILL THE BEST. alot of photos but i probaly wont be blogging them. around 100 okay! but i think my sister will soon so you all can go there to see. but i look :X out of the 6 days in hk, 3 days are bad hair days.

1st day: checked into a super expensive but super small hotel then shopped for the whole day. our room is like pathetic can. one double bed and a small sidetable. after putting the luggage, 3 people cant stand on the floor together already.i suspect that it isas small as my toilet. hahas. but it is quite nicely furnished larh.
2nd day: OCEAN PARK! saw pandas and all those sea creatures and rode on the rides :D i dont dare to sit on the roller coaster luh. 360 degrees okay. and it is like above the sea that kind? so scary! but i am already scared to death by the pirate ship. it goes up to 20m can.
3rd day: walked around till noon then sat train to shenzhen. so fascinating can. i didnt know you can train from hk to china. and it takes less than 1hr! WOW! then walked around again.
4th day: my crazy mother made us go and climb mountain :/ RAWR. so tiring can. and the mountain must pay money to climb one larh. stupid shit :(
5th day: er... i dont really remember. went to window of thw world where there is alot of famous buildings :/ i saw the merlion there! hahas. it is the only thing from singapore.
6th day: trained back to hk, shopped then it is back to singapore :D

actually there is not much things to buy :/ coz it is winter now in hk and all the clothes are long sleeves :X i told my mother i want to go in june :D coz the clothes are actually quite nice and damn cheap. only bought like 2 shirts, 3 shorts, 1 pair of jean, 1 demin skirt and 1 pair of shoes. ohh, and 5 pair of socks! i love the socks man. it is like 3 for $2?? i bought all different colours :D hahas. pink, black, orange, blue and green. wheeeeee(:

i am going shopping again with my sister :D she wants to go bugis to buy her le coq sportif bag.

1:02 PM;

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i have decided to let this blog die. no energy to blog anymore after working for so long :/

6:14 PM;

Sunday, October 28, 2007


wish me luck okay (: i wonder how am i going to survive the 10 hours of boredom :/
noone to talk to at all you know ):

3:41 PM;

Friday, October 26, 2007


by him!

isnt he cute? :D i insist that he is! his cheeks are so chubby and his eyelashes are so long. hahas. he like to tease his mother okay! he will tear a corner of a storybook and put it into his mouth then show his mother. he will then let the mother chase him around the house! so funny! hahas. he called me mummy leh :D cos i gave him chocolate then he became so excited that he called me mummy! so adorable can. i am so happy to have a cutecute son :D


7:15 PM;

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


i earned my first $100,000

in neopets! hahas

who says neopets is only for p3s?

guess what my goal now is?

to be a millionare in neopets! yay (:

5:44 PM;


SCIENCE CENTRE IS BORING ): but i shoudnt complain since friday will already be the last day of school.

i will miss this class. although there are people that i dont really like but there ALOT of things i will miss.

i will miss turning around to talk to gloria. i will miss sockyie telling me to hand in homework. i will miss xinru the toilet partner. i will miss seeing brander and grace fighting ( very funny okay). i will miss talking randomly to vivian the ego ( just as i start to enjoy talking to her very much :/). and i will miss giok the crapping and laughing partner!


3:44 PM;

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


you have a good chance for a class gathering at CHIJ ST.NICHOLAS GIRLS' next year!

just buy a coupon worth $10 each and you can come the fiesta at my school to meet up!
and buy food, buy drinks and play games together.


the coupons are limited (only 20) so grab your chance now
interested parties please leave a tag at my tagboard (:

ps: i know you are all nice and supportive. hahas

5:32 PM;


yeah, this is the reason why i didnt go school today ):

i hope that person that stole my clips will drop 100 strands of hair whenever she use them and get 10 strands of white hair. she will get big pimples with puz oozing out all over her face and BO. lastly, her handphone will drop into the toilet bowl when she is having her period (:

i am contented now. hahas

3:45 PM;

Monday, October 22, 2007

whee (: i went out today to amk library with giok. i think i am extremely brave to not tie my fringe despite my wierd fringe. hahas. but i think i am abit on the way there. i was looking at my reflection at someone's back on the mrt. coz if you see a piece of dark cloth behind a piece of glass, it will reflect ur reflection (: hahas. i love fat people who dark clothes. they make totally great mirrors :D
then met up with giok and amk bus interchange and bused to amk library to ask about cip. went back to bishan to eat and shop for abit. hahas. i think i ate too much. sakae, tako ball and then yumi yohurt :/ yumi yohurt is damn nice i tell you. the more you eat, the nicer it becomes. i gonna buy the largest cup size availaible next time. hahas.

anyway, i realised something very wierd yesterday while watching gong S. the two main characters have damn obvious eyebags!! is eyebags in the fashions over there now? i dont believe they dont have or cant afford concealer there lorh. hmm.. maybe if i fly over there, i will get recuited as a movie star becoz of me eyebags (:
and they are not even pretty or shuai can ):

8:25 PM;

Sunday, October 21, 2007

whooo (: i got good news :D

my sister changed handphone! now my parents and her all own the same model phone, W850i! being a nice girl, i feel very happy for her. hahas. yes, i dont feel jealous despite my phone being a lousier one. i think i now can borrow her phone and send pic to the comp and post at this blog :D i am sure she wont mind becoz i am such a nice sister. hahas. so maybe next time my blog will have more pictures! *claps* i am now sending pictures to the comp by mms okay. damn expensive ):

and i think i am becoming more boy crazy ): hahas. i told giok i think one of the in-line skating intructors quite shuai. hahas. it is all she and jiahua's influence! they everytime also say who and who very shuai. i think i shouldnt be like them luh. haiz..

i gonna cut hair later! like finally i wont have wierd fringe anymore :D so happy can! :DDD i can finally let down my fringe again! hahas. ohh, i just cooked a big pot of porridge. who want come my house eat? :D i can assure you it will taste fantastic coz it is cooked by JUNE!

hahas. i just read a stupid piece of news. dumbledore is gay! hahas. yes, the dumbledore in harry potter books! funny right!

12:30 PM;

Saturday, October 20, 2007

i changed my mind about working :/ i accompanied my mother to bukit panjang today and i really cant stand it. it is so boring there ): and worse, it is air-conless. i wanted to go home after 2 hours can. ahh! how! liddat how to go work during the holidays :X
i dont want sell clothes anymore ): i want to be model (: face model :D i think it is a damn easy thing okay. and the earnings are very high. whee~ FACE MODEL! who want hire me (:

i want to sue the in line skating people! my butt still hurts from falling twice heavily on my butt ): yah lah yah lah, i should have grabbed my kness and fell forwards but why isnt there a butt guard!!?! you tell me, how to control the way you are falling? okay anyway, when i fell for the second time, the intructors are just beside me. yes, and they didnt even try to stablize me or something. just stand there and watch me fall okay! rah. still dare to scold me for falling the wrong way ):

i earned 30 bucks today! yay (:

7:48 PM;

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i tell you i hate taking the bus in the early morning to school. it is so frigging crowded and stuffy ): and there is alot of inconsiderate people who dont know they stink that polltue the air. today a woman stood so close to me and cornered me can.

i am the red dot and she is the shit colour dot coz she smelled that bad. irritating luh. it makes me think she want to rape me okay. there is like another guy opposite me. why doesnt she do this to that guy ):

i meant to blog this long ago but i forgot ): anyway, i finally knew how to sit on this kind of bench in cityhall mrt.

you are not supposed to sit the way you usually sit coz the area for your butt is too little. you have to swing your legs to the side of the bench and face the side. do you get what i am saying? aiya.. nvm. but please applaud for me solving this difficult problem (:

8:39 PM;

N {ME :D}

june ng!

# 18/06
# st. nicks; twounity
# juneng_xinhui@hotmail.com

i want!

MONey $_$.






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